Pretty Little Liars A Will Be Revealed Soon?

Pretty Little Liars

Is it possible that A will be revealed soon on Pretty Little Liars? That is certainly something that Marlene King, executive producer of the show, has hinted. However, she also contradicted herself slightly by saying that Big A will not be officially named until season six.

The identity of Big A on Pretty Little Liars has had fans guessing from the beginning. Just who could be so twisted and dark, with enough money, to pull off everything that A had done? There are many suspects, including the likes of Hanna and Aria on Pretty Little Liars.

King did say that Big A would be revealed before season seven. That season would be the last, and presumably the season to deal with all the chaos that A has caused over the last few seasons. It is possible that all the answers will be shared then, but Pretty Little Liars fans still have to wait. They have to be dragged through more red herrings and possible suspects first.

However, through social media, King announced that there would be a Big A reveal on March 24. The creator tweeted that Pretty Little Liars fans will be “closer to the truth” than they can imagine, but shed no more light on the matter. The tweet came after fans got excited by the trailer for episode 21 of the show. It hinted that fans were just four episodes away from the big reveal, and suggested that there would be a countdown each week from now on.

The question is whether Big A on Pretty Little Liars will be revealed so soon? With the knowledge that there will be two more seasons of the show, it does not completely make sense that Big A’s name will be shared in the season five finale. Of course, it could be that the viewers find out who Big A is, while the characters of Pretty Little Liars are still left in the dark.

Another option is that King just wants to do some more teasing. She could just leave a big clue for Pretty Little Liars fans that are still trying to guess the identity of A.

This could also be another red herring. The show has gained a name for doing this, especially now that it has been renewed for two more seasons. King did admit that season four was supposed to be the last, but then the network chose to renew it. It meant that she had to drag out her original storyline, and the only way to do that is to keep people guessing. It meant adding more red herrings, which have included the idea that Toby, Ezra and Jenna could all be Big A.

King has certainly left some confusing tweets. While saying that Big A will be revealed in the Pretty Little Liars season five finale, she also said that it will not happen until season six. The question still remains as to who Big A is and why she/he is doing this. However, there is hope that Pretty Little Liars will reveal Big A very soon.

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