Grey’s Anatomy: The Great Pretender [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

The Great Pretender saw Meredith Grey get accused of cheating on Grey’s Anatomy. Not that Maggie was going to judge her half-sister, but she did want some answers. More importantly, she just wanted the lying to stop. However, there was much more to the episode of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy than that storyline.

It has always been about family on Grey’s Anatomy and not just Meredith’s. This week, Ben has to deal with his brother Kurt collapsing, complaining of shortness of breath. Meredith soon finds out that his spleen is swollen and his estrogen levels are high. Tests showed that Kurt was going through a sex change, and Ben struggles to deal with that news.

Callie and Alex cannot help but joke about how exhausted Meredith is, and Maggie is fed up of the lies. It takes the whole episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but Meredith finally caves. She never went to visit Derek, but she did not visit anyone else either. She drove to the hotel by the airport and spent the weekend there. She was just too embarrassed to tell anyone. Meredith also confesses a secret to Alex. She does not want to be with her husband right now, but does not want her marriage to be over. It is definitely a difficult situation on Grey’s Anatomy, but not really a new one.

Meanwhile on The Great Pretender, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Callie is ready to get back onto the dating horse. The problem is she is struggling, and turns to other doctors to find out how they manage it. Owen tells her that he is honest, while Amelia admits that since being sober she has had no game. While Callie later asks a hot guy to dance, Amelia shows up at Owen’s place with a bottle of wine. She only leaves once she gets a kiss.

Amelia is not the only doctor after Owen. Dr. Herman offers to try out the couch with him, and Owen worries that it is due to her tumor. Amelia quickly asks whether what Herman suggested was a no-no, showing just how nervous and inelegant Owen is around the women on Grey’s Anatomy. It was a cute moment. Just how can a man be so capable in the field or in the OR, but struggle so much around women?

Herman, meanwhile, finds out more about the woman she is handing the fetal rains to on Grey’s Anatomy. Alex tells her all about how Arizona had a fling with a resident, and with another doctor while still being married to Callie. Rather than judging Arizona, Herman loves it and they start to become friends as well as colleagues. Herman admits that the couch is her new home on Grey’s Anatomy. She will either die there or Amelia will cure her. When Arizona tells Herman she is staying with her, Herman makes it clear that she will not have sex with her under any circumstances.

It all seemed like Catherine and Richard were getting back together on Grey’s Anatomy. However, Richard starts to suspect that Catherine is using him and calls her out on it. She is there to keep an eye on her son and daughter-in-law after last week’s heartbreaking episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Catherine accused him of not liking a strong woman as much as he thought he did, and left it at that.

Grey’s Anatomy has certainly picked up since the start of the season. It is certainly been all about Meredith, but there are other storylines being thrown in more often now. The Great Pretender made it clear that no relationship is safe on Grey’s Anatomy.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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