The Vampire Diaries: Let Her Go [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Let Her Go promised to be a heart-wrenching episode of The Vampire Diaries from the beginning. It was the funeral of Liz Forbes, and Candice Accola definitely brought the emotion throughout. At least, that was until her character turned off her humanity and ran away. Yes, Caroline Forbes has finally turned off her humanity, something many The Vampire Diaries fans likely thought would never happen.

She tries to talk about the kiss with Stefan last week, only for Stefan to shut her down. He wanted to wait until after the funeral, when it was more appropriate. However, by the time he realizes that it could be the best thing to happen to him since, well ever on The Vampire Diaries, he is too late. Caroline has already flipped the switch and broken Elena’s neck.

Bonnie finally gets out of 1994, but it is not to the time she wants to reach. She ends up getting sent to 1903. It seems like a random time for The Vampire Diaries, but there is a reason. She meets the one and only Lily Salvatore; Damon and Stefan’s mother. Considering she was suspected of being dead, it is a major twist to the storyline.

When she finally gets back to her own time, Bonnie and Damon hug. It puts a big smile on many faces of the fans as Bamon are finally reunited on The Vampire Diaries.

Let It Go did have some prospect of new life on The Vampire Diaries. It turns out that Jo is pregnant, and Alaric instantly proposes. There was the possibility that she was sick due to not merging with the right twin—as Kai was also sick—but when they surrendered their magic, Jo’s symptoms continued.

While at the funeral, Tyler is drunk and Matt decides it is time to do something with his life. It makes sense for him to join the police force on The Vampire Diaries. After all, they know about vampires and he can actually do something. He gets an application form for Tyler, too, but could he really control his werewolf gene as a cop? What would happen if he needed to kill an assailant? It just would not work for Tyler.

This episode of The Vampire Diaries as a whole was a good send off for Liz. Damon delivered the perfect eulogy for someone he ended up calling a friend. However, it did not leave the overall story stagnant. A new character looks to appear very soon to throw the Salvatore brothers for a twist. The small family is growing, and not necessarily in a good way. One cannot help wonder whether The Vampire Diaries is going the way of The Originals with the crazy psycho mother, hell-bent on destroying her boys. There is no way a parent of a vampire could ever want to help her children, is there?

Caroline now has her humanity switched off, and it will be interesting to see Accola play this side of her character. Stefan, Damon and Elena’s characters without humanity made sense, and the actors had already shown the possible ways the characters could be played. It is something that Accola has not done yet, so Let It Go definitely offered something interesting right at the end for the rest of season six of The Vampire Diaries. The show is now taking a short break. The Vampire Diaries will return March 12.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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