Prince Harry and Emma Watson Reportedly Dating

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Prince Harry, younger brother to Duke of Cambridge William Louis, is rumored to be dating Harry Potter star Emma Watson, according to recent reports. Sources say that the pair have been engaging in a secret relationship for some time now.

Their alleged union is said to have begun after Prince Harry, 30, sent the 24-year-old actress an email in which he detailed his desire to spend some time with her in order to get to know her better and see where things could go. Upon accepting the royal’s invitation, the two began going on outings together and have allegedly been close to inseparable ever since.

The aforementioned source says that Prince Harry has been gushing over his feelings for Watson, stating that he has never felt this way for anyone else before. Indeed, Prince Harry was reportedly so intent on making the actress feel comfortable on their first date that he brought 12 other individuals along with them, in order for Watson to not feel put on the spot or uncomfortable in any way. Prince Harry was also reportedly eager to show her that he was not stuck up or stuffy in any way, hence the laid-back atmosphere of their outing.

The news that Prince Harry and Watson are possibly courting has sent shock waves around the world, due to how blatantly unlikely of a pairing it seems to be, at least according to what the public knows about the two of them individually. In regards to this last statement, it refers to the fact that Watson has always maintained at least a publicly dignified and calm demeanor, whereas Prince Harry is famously known for his wild antics and hard partying ways.

The most significant of results this reputation has produced is that of the August 2012 scandal, when Prince Harry was photographed running around nude in a Las Vegas hotel room while engaging in an extremely out of control party that allegedly included drugs. Indeed, one report covering the event stated that the Prince Harry’s handlers were also participating in the use of illicit substances, and that this was the reason they had no control/did not seem to care about the behavior that Prince Harry was getting up to right under their noses.

Watson is known for her activism and strong belief in human rights and equality, which she has publicly portrayed her passion for on more than one occasion. In fact, the actress’s speech on the HeForShe campaign, which is being run by the UN Women National Committee Canada, was one of the most talked about events of last year. Those who heard the speech were extremely impressed at Watson’s desire to involve more men into women’s rights to show that they are important for the world all around, which is what the organization is working to achieve.

It is not yet known whether there is any legitimacy whatsoever to the recent reports that Prince Harry and Emma are, indeed, involved in a new relationship together. Even if the stories are not true in the slightest, however, the public is most certainly fascinated regarding the possibility of the two having entered into a union together.

By Rebecca Grace

Hollywood Life
Daily Herald Tribune
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