Richard Pryor’s Widow Slammed Bill Cosby

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Cosby VS. Pryor

The late comedian Richard Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee-Pryor, slammed Bill Cosby on a recent interview. As a guest on Alison Rosen’s podcast called Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend she did not hold back. Jennifer, who called Cosby the biggest hypocrite, was married to Pryor twice and was still his wife when he passed in 2005.

Jennifer was not only Pryor’s wife, but served as his manager. The couple was married the first time from 1981 to 1982. They remarried in 2001 and remained together until his passing. During the interview, after speaking about her late husband,Jennifer decided she wanted to address “the whole Bill Cosby thing.”

The widow accused Cosby of looking down on her husband because he used profanity in comedy acts. It is no secret that Pryor struggled with addiction and had several different wives throughout his career; he included his flaws in his acts.  Jennifer said:

Richard was a good person, he may have been dirty on the outside but was clean on the inside.

Cosby, as did many of his fans, considered himself to be clean. Pryor was said to have “worked dirty” because of the excessive use of profanity, while Cosby “worked clean.”  According to Jennifer, Cosby hated her husband and criticized his comedic demonstrations. As a result, the widow called Cosby a f***ing hypocrite who, as opposed to her late husband, is dirty on the inside.

Jennifer alleged it was a well-kept secret that Cosby screwed everything that moved. She said this kind of crap that is now coming out is way out there; she was not aware of that type of business. The 77-year-old comedian has now become infamous due to the sexual allegations of more than 30 women. According to the widow, there were people in the business who knew of his actions and are now speaking out.

Jennifer, when speaking of Cosby’s wife, said she believes Camille had to know of her husband’s transgressions. Not only did the widow call Cosby a flat out hypocrite but spoke of the air of judgment she felt in the disgraced comedian’s presence as they visited the Pryor home for dinner.

Cosby and Camille visited Richard and Jennifer for dinner one night and the condescension that she felt was horrible. About two weeks prior to the dinner Jennifer and her late husband had a threesome. Pryor got into a jealous rage during the sexual act and broke an oversized Tiffany lamp. They were not able to get the lamp fixed before the dinner and Jennifer felt as if the Cosby duo kept bringing attention to it. Jennifer said she never felt so judged in all her life. There they were with the perfect Camille and Bill sitting there making them feel ashamed.

Jennifer said she never got over their holier than thou attitudes as she recalled how the once-iconic comedian looked down on her husband. As the interview continued the late Richard Pryor’s widow slammed Cosby for his alleged actions and apparent arrogance. She called Cosby a piece of s**t who was so over-the-top that this was almost bound to happen.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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Allison Rosen

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