‘American Idol’: Twelve Guys Left [Recap & Video]

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On American Idol tonight, the top twelve guy competitors sang during the hour-long show in Detroit, Michigan, and, based on the votes that the viewers of America give them, next week the eight who received the most votes will get to continue trying to become the next American Idol. The other four will get sent home. It will be the ladies’ turn tomorrow night.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, recapped last week’s two episodes and then introduced the judges, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban. He said that “You’re calling the shots — starting right now.” American Idol will be in Detroit, Michigan, for the next two weeks. Seacrest said it was just one degree there, now.

The twelve “Boys” who performed were Clark Beckham, Trevor Douglas, Rayvon Owen, Savion Wright, Michael Simeon, Qaasim Middleton, Adam Ezegelian, Nick Fradiani, Riley Bria and Daniel Seavey. The first one to sing on American Idol this Wednesday, February 25, 2015, was Adam Ezegelian.

Adam sang the Twisted Sister hit, I Wanna Rock, and he NAILED IT! He really pulled out all the stops and rocked the place out. The entire audience was on their feet the whole time that Adam sang on American Idol.

“It’s like you’re an Everyman,” Jennifer Lopez commented.

“I love it when you sing those heartbreaking ballads,” Keith Urban joked.

Harry Connick, Jr. Added “The fact that you can really sing makes it work.” Though the judges commented about every performance of the show, whoever will be in the group of eight who moves on will be determined solely by the voting of people across America.

Michael Simeon was the second musical artist to take the stage on American Idol. He slowed down the pace somewhat, singing a Michael Bolton ballad, How am I Supposed to Live Without You? He did a great job, and sang with a ton of emotion in his voice. He had all of the women in the audience cheering for him.

Harry told Michael “When you sing a ballad like that, the pitch issues become super noticeable.”

Jennifer Lopez told him that she “liked the feeling of it.”

After a commercial break, American Idol came back with the third performer of the evening, Savion Wright. Savion sang the Train song, Hey, Soul Sister, and he was incredible. Harry thought that when Savion began singing he was not “focused,” but as he continued the song, “it seems you focus in more.”

Jennifer Lopez reminded Savion to “look at the camera more” and told him “Remember, they’re starting to vote for you.” Keith Urban said that Savion had a lot of “strengths,” and added “I think we’re gonna see more of that.”

Then, on American Idol, the fourth performer of the show was Mark Andrews. He sang The Weight by The Band. Mark Andrew definitely did the iconic song justice with his rendition of it. After he sang, American Idol went to more commercials.

When the show came back, the fifth performer sang on American Idol. He was a fan favorite, Trevor Douglas. He played the guitar and sang the Gavin DeGraw song, Best I Ever Had, singing full of energy and smiling the entire performance. The women in the audience were all standing as Trevor sang.

Keith Urban told Trevor “I thought you gave a great visual for the performance, with a lot of energy.”

Jennifer Lopez called Trevor and his performance “very lovable.”

Harry said “You offered great energy.”

Performer number 6 on American Idol tonight was Clark Beckham. The song that he sang was the Percy Sledge hit, When a Man Loves a Woman. Clark had the women in the audience screaming and cheering for him as he sang.

Jennifer Lopez really enjoyed Beckham’s rendition of the song on American Idol, saying that it gave her “goosies,” while Harry told him that he was “talented enough to withstand the critics.” Keith added “That was killer, man, well done.”

Then, it was Rayvon Owen’s turn to sing on American Idol. The song that he chose to perform was the Nick Jonas hit, Jealous. He did a great job singing it, though Jennifer told him he could “Use a little bit more attitude on that song.” Keith told him that he really liked his “falsetto.”

The eighth musical artist to sing tonight on American Idol was Daniel Seavey, who is yet another fan favorite. He had the audience excited and cheering for him as he sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.

“I love the way you look, it was cool,” Keith Urban told Daniel. He also said he liked how Daniel went for the “really high notes,” and managed to hit them.

“You are the word beyond adorable,” Jennifer Lopez said.

Harry told him “Great talent up here.” Then, American Idol went to yet another commercial break.

When American Idol returned from the break, Riley Bria, 18, sang Homeboy by Eric Church. Bria is another heart throb singer that the females in the audience really seemed to love. He sang a terrific version of Homeboy. “You remind me of Keith,” Harry told him.

The tenth of the 12 guys who sang on American Idol was Quentin Alexander. Jennifer Lopez seemed to really love hearing him as Quentin sang the magical Screamin’ Jay Hawkin standard, I Put a Spell on You.

Keith Urban liked the performance so much that he said “That was like a Grammy performance.”

Then, on American Idol, the eleventh performer of the show, Nick Fradiani, took the stage. Nick sang the Ed Sheeran song, Thinking Out Loud. He also did an incredible job singing the song, making it very difficult for the voters of America to decide who to vote for tonight.

The final performer of the night on American Idol was Qaasim Middleton. He was AWESOME. The entire audience was on their feet as Qaasim sang the huge hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.

“You’re so my type of performer,” Jennifer Lopez told Qaasim.

That was it on American Idol tonight. The 12 guys left in the competition all sang their hearts out, and now it is up to the viewers of America to decide who will be in the group of eight to move on. Tune in next week to find out the results, and be sure to watch tomorrow night when it it the ladies’ turn to sing!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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    “The Weight” – Sang “To get back to Miss Fannie, you know she’s the only one” then left out the next line “Who sent me here with her regards for everyone”. Sounded weird.

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