Sci-Fi Thrills Abundant in Evolve Launching Soon [Video]

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Sci-Fi thrills are abundant with Evolve, which is a first-person shooter action game set to release this week from Turtle Rock Studios. The multi-player shooter game pits four hero players against a single player playing as the monster and it appears to have plenty of action to put gamers on the edge of their seats for hours. Set on an alien planet that is very reminiscent of the jungle forest setting of classic films like Predator, Evolve pits four high-tech fighters in a multi-player environment where thinking outside the box as a human monster just might lead to a monster win.

The Sci-fi warriors of the game are a unique and slightly quirky group that gamers are sure to remember if only for the characters’ seriously odd voices. The game was set for release late last year but was slightly delayed to February 10, 2015. The game’s developer, Turtle Rock Studios, is the force behind such games  as Left for Dead and have designed a game that appears to be accessible, featuring several different levels for the gamer hero hunters to experience from roles as a trapper, medic and assault teams while a single player takes on the role of some truly outstanding monsters. The standard game is set for landing with 12 interactive maps, 12 hunters and a choice of three terrifying monsters, four if preordered.

The humans in Evolve have serious firepower on their side in an off-earth setting that is at once breathtakingly strange and 100 percent frightening. Sci-fi thrills are in abundance for the human players of Evolve who are allowed to play as the death dealers of the assault team, as knowledgeable trappers whose job it is to locate the team’s opponent, support units who keep allies alive by cloaking them from enemies and the backbone of the group medics who offer healing light that could heal seriously wounded teammates.

The graphics for the monsters are engaging and at points quite frightening, monster humans on Evolve can play as a Wraith, which relies on abduction to overcome its opponent to the super boss, Behemoth that can send out a blast of destruction that could easily destroy a team. However, sci-fi gamers should beware that in order to play Evolve on its release day they will need a 3GB patch. The patch is being provided to improve the gaming experience while also tweaking interaction between player characters. The game has tons of alien flora and fauna that monsters can use to eat while they also can hammer the hunters’ quest to destroy the monster.

Developers state that the patch will continue to fine tune the power of the Wraith monster while also giving great depth to the character skins that can be earned during gameplay. The 3G patch will give solid connectivity to the recently released Evolve Hunter quest app that connects to game platform servers. A special part of Evolve is the monster’s ability to grow due to consuming smaller animals that help them gain greater power and strength. Gamers can truly expect sci-fi thrills in abundance in Evolve launching shortly for Xbox, Playstation and other gaming platforms.

By Tara Newlands



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