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Sling TV is now streaming on Dish Network, as the latest offering to consumers for unbounded cable TV service, the dish network streaming service is available for a low monthly fee and has just recently launched in the U.S. While there are still a few restrictions, Sling TV will be soon offering AMC which is good news for subscribers who want to get their weekly ‘Mad Men’ fix, other television channels available feature ESPN, CNN, Food Network and more. Sling TV’s launch into the pay-tv industry marks it as the first cable streaming service online to offer ESPN, TBS and TNT in a single package.

Sling TV will also have Spanish-language networks such as Galavision, which will give the new service a wider broad-based appeal. The Latino-focused networks are already available, and can be easily paired with other channels, which includes the Disney Channel. The Sling stream service launched to large fanfare at CES in January, after weeks of careful launch promotion and testing to became available to users in the United States.

Sling TV’s target audience will be Millennials who might not want to use regular cable t.v. services. Due to their unique demographic, the Millennials generation is already familiar with internet pay-t.v. streaming services. The group holds over an 80 percent slice of the streaming television market, which means there is still plenty of room to increase their streaming TV demographic to the rate currently seen being used by older consumers. The service hopes to provide a model for other telcos to create deals for similar web TV services.

In addition to its already great channel lineup, Sling TV programming gets better with the addition of BBC America and WE Tv to its line-up. Sling TV streaming on Dish network has found a good partner with AMC whose solid channel line-up will give the service an edge over its other telco rivals simply by being able to deliver hit shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Breaking bad’ to an eager audience. The service is the first to provide major cable service channels on the internet without the need of a cable and the service is well placed to receive streaming from both HBO and Nickelodeon when their internet offerings go live.

Sling TV While the service does have good perks to attract a solid following, consumers should know that there are still a few kinks to work out. Sling offers viewing on only a single device at a time such as a tablet or laptop, so those wanting to watch TV at the same time in a single household will need to purchase multiple subscriptions. The service has several subscriptions packages available, but it is not yet known what channels will be available with which package.

Nevertheless, Sling TV can be streamed on iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Roku devices with Amazon Fire access to be followed within a few days. One outstanding feature of the new Sling TV stream service is its pay-as-you-go packaging paired with no commitment makes for easy internet television access for customers who want to purchase services from month-to-month to watch their favorite shows. Dish Network’s Sling TV streaming service will also be seeking to provide service to Google’s Nexus Player and Samsung’s Smart TV in the near future.

By Tara Newlands


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