South Korea 100-Car Accident Leaves Two Dead and Many Injured [video]

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South Korea

An accident in South Korea, in which about 100 cars were involved has left two people dead and 65 injured. The accident occurred Wednesday morning on the Yeongjang Grand Bridge.

South Korea woke up to the news of a massive accident on Wednesday, at around 9:40 am Korean time. A 100-vehicle pile-up occurred on the bridge that connects the South Korean capital, Seoul, with Yeongjiang island where the Incheon airport is located.

The crash started on the Seoul-bound side of the road. It is not very clear yet how it happened, however it is believed that a limousine ran into the back of another car, according to a police spokesman. Most drivers claim they could not stop on time to avoid hitting other cars.

The most likely cause of the accident was the weather as witnesses declared it was very foggy and the road contain a thick layer of ice. One of the drivers involved told the media he could not see more than 10 yards ahead; he stopped his car when he saw lights in front of him, yet, it got hit from behind. He was one of the lucky people involved in the accident, as he escaped the tragedy, uninjured. The motorist was able to open his car the door and leave the vehicle on the side of the road.

Many other drivers involved in the crash described the terrible experience to the media on site. A taxi driver said he could hear some bangs ahead and straight after, his car got hit,  and ended up against the protection rail.

Many drivers and passengers were not very fortunate. The accident, not the first one of this sort in South Korea, has left at least two people dead and approximately 65 others injured. Amongst the surviving victims, the injuries of at least seven were quite severe, according to the Incheon Fire and Safety Management Department.

The emergency services were afraid that the casualty count would go up, as there were still people trapped in the jumble of metal at the time the tragedy was reported. The two people who lost their lives were South Korean nationals, and some of the injured victims were from China, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Yeongjang Grand Bridge travels from the island with the same name. It is located near a busy international airport not far from South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. On Wednesday morning as many as 18 flight departures and seven arrivals had to be delayed due to the thick fog.

The bad weather has been part of the reason why rescuing victims has been a difficult challenge for emergency services. Restoring traffic has been almost impossible especially since emergency services where helping with first aid and evacuation.

In 2006, South Korea witnessed a similar crash. 29 vehicles were involved. Despite the smaller dimension of the accident, 11 people lost their lives while 50 others were injured. There were reports of a similar accident in Moscow, where approximately 80 cars involved in a crash due to thick fog.

By Vanessa Pouso


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