Supernatural Fandom Gets Special Celebration on TNT


The Supernatural fandom is getting a special celebration on TNT in February. Many fans will have already caught the first showing on Wednesday, and there are more episodes to come over the next three weeks. There is also a special showing on President’s Day.

It is not often that Supernatural fans get the TV just for themselves for seven hours straight. This year it is different. TNT has announced that every Wednesday between 1pm and 8pm (ET/PT), it will show back to back episodes, with many of the favorites from the last nine and a half seasons. This Wednesday already saw the likes of Hell House, Ghostfacers and Mystery Spot.

This Wednesday was all about the fun episodes, with the title The Winchesters: Why So Serious. Each week will have its own theme, and Bobby Singer fans can rejoice as February 11 is all about the father figure. Episodes including Dream a Little Dream of Me, Weekend at Bobby’s and Death’s Door will be shown on the day. The next themes are Killing Time, featuring time-travel episodes, and The Lighter Side of Dean, with humorous episodes focused on the elder of the two brothers.

On President’s Day there is a special 10-hour session for fans, called the Super-Meta Marathon. This will include all the favorite meta storylines, with favorites like Slash Fiction, Changing Channels and The French Mistake airing. During the show’s 200th episode, there was a mention of annoying meta episodes, but many fans find these the most enjoyable, with The French Mistake often hitting the top spot of lists. It is the episode of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki playing Dean and Sam playing themselves playing Dean and Sam. Not confusing at all!

TNT is offering the Supernatural fandom a special celebration, and that includes a Twitter hashtag to use. TNTRewatch is the one that fans are encouraged to tweet, and selected tweets will feature throughout the marathons. It is the chance for fans to share what they really love about the show and declare it to the world.

For those who have not caught Supernatural yet, this is a great chance to see why the fandom is so big. The initial premise for the show was about two brothers, Dean and Sam, who travelled the country in search for their father John, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They lost their mother in a house fire 22 years ago, and were all hunting the monster that killed her.

Ten seasons in, the brothers are still hunting monsters and demons but have a lot more on their plates. They have faced the biblical apocalypse, Leviathans and crazy fans—after finding out that their lives had been turned into a series of books.

The show is currently in the middle of its tenth season, and is focused on Dean’s struggles with the Mark of Cain after being cured of being a demon. It has had mixed reviews from the start of the season, but Supernatural fans seem to be happy with the direction it is currently taking. Many are very excited for the next month’s celebrations that TNT is hosting for the Supernatural fandom.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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