Grey’s Anatomy: The Bed’s Too Big Without You [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Abortion is not an easy topic of discussion, but it is one that comes up on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, The Bed’s Too Big Without You. April and Jackson need to decide whether they want to risk a poor quality of life for their unborn baby, or whether it is better to terminate the pregnancy now. It is certainly pushing April’s faith more than her first hook-up with Jackson did.

Meredith starts the episode with a tumor that has been nicknamed Cyclops by Bailey. It is one that Meredith has no idea how to deal with, until she finally gets the idea of using the 3D printer that is currently just sitting in a room doing nothing. That soon gets Meredith, Bailey, Maggie and Alex in a room together to plan her surgery and succeed. At least that is one good thing to happen on Grey’s Anatomy this week.

While many would like to see a lot more surgery, there are great moments when they are just talking. Fans got to learn a lot more about the characters of Meredith, Bailey, Maggie and Amelia while they waited for the 3D printer to work, and it was a real conversation for once. It suited the situation and worked for all four of the women.

Amelia is currently struggling to get through to the residents, who just do not understand what she is saying about Dr. Herman’s tumor. Richard comes to her with advice, since even he does not understand some of the thinking that is going on in her head. Luckily, there is one doctor able to get through the maze. Stephanie has an idea, and ends up being pulled in on the case.

The Bed’s Too Big Without You brings in one of the hardest storylines the doctors have had to face in a while on Grey’s Anatomy. April and Jackson need to find out which type of osteogenesis inperfecta their baby has; two or three. Type two is the worst, but neither are a walk in the park. It all leads to April really struggling between emotions and difficult decisions, and her mom and Jackson are not really helping.

Grey’s Anatomy does have a slightly lighter storyline, with Callie and Owen getting back into the dating—more like flirting—pool. A new tech rep looks interested in Owen, but turns out that she is interested in Callie. The problem is the divorce from Arizona is still too new. Owen is not really interested in dating anyone yet, either. He cannot help but think about how he cared for Cristina shortly after the plane crash or the times he spent in the vent room with her.

The upside is that they are being sensible in their love lives. They are giving themselves time, which make sense for how in love the two were with their respective partners.

Despite not initially liking Maggie, Meredith seems to be moving forward in her relationship with her half-sister. At the end of The Bed’s Too Big Without You, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Maggie and Meredith are face-timing and discussing the day. It looks like Meredith may have found someone to replace Cristina, or maybe even Lexie.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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