Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Reveals Abortion Storyline Spoiler

Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy accidentally revealed a spoiler for the abortion storyline on the show. Those who do not want to know the outcome should stop reading now, as the characters have still not come to their decision after learning whether their child will have type two or three osteogenesis inperfecta (OI).

Many fans will know that the Grey’s Anatomy actress has been pregnant in real life while filming the scenes in the show. Drew plays April, the new wife of Jackson Avery. They found out they were pregnant at the end of the last season and this season has all been about their baby not being perfect. Not only has it tested their new relationship, but it has tested April’s faith in God. She questions how he could do something like this, and is really struggling with her conscience.

Jackson wants to terminate the pregnancy. He is unsure whether he wants to put a baby through anything the condition will bring. Even if the baby had the lesser form of OI, type three, it would mean a poor quality of life. The baby would need surgery after surgery, and as two doctors they know it would not be fair. If the baby had type two, there is a high chance that the baby will die shortly after birth, if surviving the birth at all.

However, while Jackson wants to abort the baby, April is struggling with it due to her faith. However, Grey’s Anatomy’s Drew revealed a spoiler over the abortion storyline when talking about the birth of her own child, which turned out to be a girl she and her husband have named Hannah.

Drew revealed that her own labor pains started about 10 hours after filming the labor and delivery scene on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, indicating that the couple decides against an abortion. However, that does not share how the final call is made or what happens with the baby in the end.

Drew was telling Access Hollywood Live that it took 10 hours or so to film the labor and delivery scene. It was intense, and when she got home, she just went to bed. She woke at about 6am feeling contraction pains, but believed they were just Braxton Hicks. At three-and-a-half weeks early, she could not believe that she was really going into labor.

Rather than worrying about the contractions, she got on with her taxes paperwork and went through her day. It was only as the pains progressed and got closer together that she realized the truth. It was 6am the next morning that she welcomed her daughter into the world. The good news is that Hannah is perfectly healthy, so it is not all life imitating art for the actress.

April and Jackson will have a few more episodes until the full abortion storyline is revealed with their final decisions. Fans will need to wait to find out the fate for their unborn son and what it will do to the couple afterwards. However, Drew did accidentally reveal spoilers for part of the outcome of the abortion storyline on Grey’s Anatomy.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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