Supernatural: Halt & Catch Fire [Recap/Review]


There is always at least one filler episode in the second half of the season of Supernatural, and Halt & Catch Fire was just that. Despite this, it does not make the episode boring or annoying. It takes the overall storyline out of the picture, and brings back the whole idea of two brothers hunting things and saving lives. The episode was also another chance to reference and make fun of pop culture, with the Internet being the main focus during the episode.

Technology is killing people on this week’s Supernatural. Those who have joked about people driving into ditches or rivers because their navigation apps have sent them that way got to see just that happen. One of the first instances is of a man driving off a bridge because of his navigation app. Two other deaths involve technology, with a sorority girl being strangled by a power cord and a frat boy’s sound system turning his brain to jelly.

There is plenty of comedy in the episode, especially some of the faces that Jensen Ackles pulls as his character, Dean, finds out that nothing is really ever truly deleted from the Internet. The old Dean seems to be coming back in spats, with his usual nature of eyeing up college girls and loving the food.

One thing the writers are always good at doing is ripping off a hit movie, book or some other pop culture reference. In this week’s Supernatural episode, Halt & Catch Fire, it is the 90s movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. It turns out that the three people were connected to none other than a car accident. The difference is the ghost that is using Wi-Fi to kill.

While Dean stays to protect the last person involved in the car accident, Sam goes to the widow of the ghost. Of course, like any episode of Supernatural, one brother is attacked and the other has to save the day. This time, Dean is the one attacked, while Sam has to find a way to save him—and salting and burning the corpse is not an option.

In the end, Sam uses Facetime to connect with the ghost and convince him to move on. It sounds disappointing, but it is one of the first times that this has ever been attempted successfully on Supernatural. Every other time, there has been the burning of something because vengeful spirits cannot be talked to in most circumstances.

There was a clear reason for the ghost moving on. It brought back the whole Mark of Cain storyline. Dean realized that he needs to stop trying to get rid of the Mark. It is time to do the one thing his brother has requested; attempt to live with it. He needs to start using it to help people, since it can make him a better hunter.

Dean is even willing to kill Cain, judging by next week’s episode. However, just how is that going to work out when Cain gets his hand on the First Blade? Will Dean decide against the epiphany he had in this week’s episode of Supernatural, Halt & Catch Fire?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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