Spider-Man Set to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe


In a keenly anticipated press release, Marvel Studios and Sony have announced that Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The web-slinging spider will be shortly teaming up with Marvel series favorites, Iron Man and Captain America, in new Marvel feature films. Sony pictures held the license to produce Spider-Man films, but will shortly be bringing the character over to Disney Studios and Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. In his first gig with Marvel, the web-slinger will be teaming up in another Marvel film before he moves across screens into his new solo feature. Current Spider-Man film lead, Andrew Garfield, who appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, will not be returning to the role. Due to the timing of the deal that was just set into motion, the web crawler character will potentially be making a new Marvel film appearance before the summer of 2017. Fans may see Spider-Man share screen time with Iron Man and Captain America in Captain America: Civil War, which begins filming this spring. The Captain America film is scheduled for release in theatres on May 6, 2016. After his visit to the Captain America film, the web crawler will explore his new solo film arc in July 2017. Blogs and forums are buzzing with speculation on who the new Spider-Man should be, with Twitter roaring with comments calling for Latino actor, Miles Morales, to take on the lead role.

The web-slinger films needed a bit of a reboot after such a short time frame due to several factors. Many have felt that the upcoming reboot might be called for because of many factors that ranged from miscasting of the film’s lead with actors who did not completely fit the shy, nerdy type guy that the web crawler need to be in order to win over film-going audiences to storylines that simply did not capture moviegoers imaginations. Fans are excited to see some of Marvel’s greatest characters interacting on screen, because while they have always done so in Marvel’s comic books, they have not had a chance to interact on screen due to licensing agreements which have been in place before comic book-themed films began to take off. To make way for the upcoming Spider-Man solo film, Marvel will be moving a few movie projects around with Thor: Ragnarok moving to a release date of November 2017, and the first female-led Marvel project Inhumans opening November 2018.

Rumors of Spider-Man’s move to Marvel have been discussed for months. Now fan speculation can finally be put to rest. While moving a few production schedules around is not totally convenient, the potential financial gains are worth it because the Spider-Man films have grossed more than $4 billion dollars worldwide and several Marvel films have been box-office grand slams. The Avengers films have led the Marvel pack with $15 billion globally and the surprise Marvel hit, Guardians of the Galaxy opened with an astounding $160 million global debut during its opening gambit. The new actor who does gain the Spider-Man mask will need to make the solo project his own and hold his own against some seriously popular Marvel fan favourites, but Spider-Man’s move to Marvel’s cinematic universe may open up great fantastic opportunities for the series to move in bold new directions.

Opinion by Tara Newlands


USA today



Photo by JD Hancock – Flickr License