The 100: Resurrection [Recap/Review]

The 100

Resurrection was this week’s episode on The 100, and made it clear that war is coming. To be honest, this has been threatened for weeks now, but as the season finale draws near it is finally going to happen. This week’s episode was all about building alliances ready for that war.

Cage knows that alliances win war, and he needs to break up the Grounders and the Sky People now. The missile did not work on last week’s The 100, and now he finds out that people within Mount Weather are siding with the Sky People. He just cannot win!

At the Grounders’ camp in The 100, a sniper is taking out the survivors from the missile. Clarke wants revenge and she and Lexa focus on the sniper. Abby remains at the camp to help Nyko help the injured. Indra refuses Lincoln’s help, so he turns to Nyko and then goes after the sniper. As Indra bleeds out, she instructs Octavia to get the trust of the Grounders. It seems like an impossible task, until she uses the smoke as a cover to protect them.

Kane is trapped under a beam, and Abby goes to help him. Before she can tell him about Clarke’s betrayal on last week’s The 100, the ground around them collapses and both end up trapped.

Meanwhile, Clarke, Lexa and Lincoln find the sniper. The problem is that Lincoln is affected by the tone generator. There is a beautiful moment on The 100 as Clarke admits Lincoln is one of her people, before she shoots the sniper through Lincoln’s arm. Could Clarke really be that good a shot considering she has had so little training?

Resurrection showed that Clarke is not against killing people anymore on The 100. She understands sacrifice, and it is something Abby worries about. Abby blames herself for her daughter’s actions, since Clarke is just mimicking everything she learned on the Ark before The 100 started. That possibly is not the case. Clarke did live through a lot during the first season of The 100. Just as it seems like Abby and Kane are being killed off, the Grounders and Sky People save them.

The Grounders are finally getting the idea that it is not all about revenge and blood for blood. They start listening to Abby to help the injured, and Indra finally admits that the truce between the two groups is a good thing. It has only taken 10 weeks or so for her to finally get that idea.

Clarke refuses to help the injured, though. The bone marrow treatments are working, and she needs to save the remaining members of the 100 stuck in Mount Weather. Abby does not stop her, but does tell her to remember they are the good guys in all this. Is there really any good and bad in this show? They all seem a little mixed for various reasons.

Meanwhile in Mount Weather on The 100, Bellamy has exposed Level 5, and the kids have taken it over. The security cameras have been taken out and they are all now armed. It does not take long for the guards who have had the treatments to get in and use smoke bombs, but Jasper was ready for this and had buckets of water around to soak up the smoke. That boy is a genius—so why did it take him so long to realize the Mountain Men were the bad guys?

Just as Fox is taken and believes she is going to die, the guard holding the gun to her shoots the other guards. It turns out it is Bellamy in disguise, which many fans possibly expected from last week’s episode of The 100. Maya helps get the two to safety; her own home where her dad agrees to harbor them. It turns out her family was originally against using the blood of the outsiders, with a full The 100 back story. Maya and Bellamy then go to the armory to save the other kids.

Maya is taken by Cage and placed on Level 5 with just 20 minutes of air. He expects Jasper to surrender to save her, except Bellamy saves her instead. The reunion between Jasper and Bellamy would be sweet, except there is the mention of Finn. It is easy to forget that these kids have been in Mount Weather so long that they never saw Finn die at the hands of Clarke in The 100 mid-season finale.

Cage believes the kids let Maya die on The 100, and storm the dining room. They get there, only to find that the kids have gone. They are all with Bellamy now, and to top it off on The 100, Maya’s father and a small group of Mountain Men are rebelling against Cage.

War is definitely coming on The 100, and it is not just between the Mountain Men and the Grounders/Sky People truce. A small collection of Mountain Men are now rebelling, and it does not look good for the main group after this week’s episode of The 100, Resurrection.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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