The Originals: I Love You, Goodbye [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Just like any TV show, weddings cannot go without problems on The Originals, and I Love You, Goodbye proved that. If it is not one Mikaelson sibling causing problems, there is always another waiting in the wings. Just how could anything go without a hitch?

This week’s The Originals picked up where last week’s finished. Cami just watched the safe house explode and is now running away with Hope. Just as she stops to use a payphone, Elijah appears. There is really only one option left now, and that is to return the baby home to her parents.

As for her parents, Hayley wants to get her away from Klaus and everyone in New Orleans. However, Klaus believes the marriage would be best. Now a problem is that some of the alphas of the other werewolf tribes did not make it through last week’s battle. The packs will want revenge, according to Aiden, and Jackson wants the witches to suffer rather than the vampires—after all, the vampires were being controlled.

Klaus has his own special wedding gift for the happy couple. He has the heads of those who did not give up their moonlight rings, and says that the witches cannot have sympathizers. Jackson sees through Klaus’ plans, and knows that once he and Hayley marry, Klaus will kill him to take over.

Elsewhere in this week’s The Originals episode, I Love You, Goodbye, Kol and Davina are back together. They are still working on a way to dagger Klaus without actually killing him. When they think they have managed it, the viewers get to see Freya bring brother Finn back from the dead. At the same time, Aiden calls a time out on his relationship with Josh, but the vampire is not buying it. He accuses Aiden of being embarrassed of dating a vampire. It screams Romeo and Juliette with a twist.

Hayley is not happy that Hope is returning because of the risk to her life, but Klaus reminds her of the army of wolves she will gain. Elijah is on strict orders not to interfere with the wedding, but when has he really done as he was told on The Originals. He has to tell Hayley how much he loves her, but Hayley tells him she is happy with Jackson.

The two bloodlines are eventually united, and just as she kisses Jackson, her eyes change—just like all the eyes of the wolves there. It looks like the plan worked.

Now it is just time for Klaus to start his plan, but Elijah warns him not to bother. He wants Hayley happy, and knows that the packs will turn chaotic if something happens to Jackson. So, Klaus decides to bring Hope out and encourages the wolves to protect her.

The only good sibling on The Originals not to attend is Rebekah, who is at a compound trying to save her brother Kol. He tells Rebekah that he likes being a witch over a vampire, and hopes that she can save him. Unfortunately, she is not good enough so Kol turns to Davina. As they say their goodbyes, Rebekah tells her brothers that Kol is dying. The only benefit is that they can consecrate his body and he can join with the spirits of the French Quarter; the ones that can be brought back. She promises that she will remain in her current body until she gets him home.

I Love You, Goodbye may have said goodbye to one Mikaelson brother, but The Originals still has Finn causing problems. There is also Freya, who warns that Dahlia will return and will cause trouble. The Originals returns Monday, March 9 at 9/8c.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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