The Vampire Diaries Gets Season Six Return in the U.K.

The Vampire Diaries

The U.K. regularly has to wait around for shows to return, but The Vampire Diaries fans will be happy to hear that the date for the return of season six has been confirmed. The program will remain on ITV2, where it has been since season one. Fans will get to watch the remaining episodes of season six from March 4, at 9pm.

U.K. viewers were only treated to the first six episodes of The Vampire Diaries season six before the show took a break. It was not even the mid-season finale, which occurred in the United States in mid-December. There has been no indication of when the show will return until now. The Vampire Diaries fans will be treated to episode seven, Do You Remember the First Time?, on March 4.

This episode of The Vampire Diaries focuses on Elena facing all her problems. Damon is back, but she has been compelled to forget that she loves him. To make matters worse, Alaric is now human and cannot compel her to remember again. Damon thinks that hope for everything is lost and that he should not have returned from the other side, until he finds an item that renews that hope.

Meanwhile on this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Liz Forbes is caught in the middle when Tripp goes after vampires. It is a race against time for Caroline to save her mother, while Stefan, Enzo and Matt search for more answers in Tripp’s actions.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries now get to know when season six will return to the U.K. It is not the only show to finally get a date for a return to U.K. screens.

The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals is also returning to U.K. screens. The show, set in New Orleans, is returning to Syfy on February 24 at 10pm. The good news for The Originals fans is they have not had to wait as long for their fix. An official spin-off of the show made its way into bookstores around the country as well as online earlier this month.

The first of three books focuses on the characters of The Vampire Diaries spin-off in 1722. It is a chance to see how they have grown and developed, as they remain on the run from their father, Mikael. The next two books will be released in March and May this year.

Unlike The Vampire Diaries, fans of The Originals got to see all the way up to the mid-season finale. The show returns with Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire, with the trailer making it clear that the siblings’ mother, Esther, is now in transition. Will she decide to become a vampire or will she allow herself to die?

U.K. fans will not have to wait for their favorite shows for much longer. It takes a little longer than those in the States, but the episodes are worth waiting for. The Vampire Diaries will return on March 4 with the rest of its sixth season in the U.K., and The Originals will return February 24 with the rest of its second season.

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