Supernatural Gets Its Most Watched Episode Since the Mid-Season Finale

SupernaturalThis week’s episode of Supernatural was the most watched one since the mid-season finale. It seems like the ones with the big cliffhangers this season are the most popular, possibly due to the hints that Dean Winchester could go dark side.

It has been a hit and miss season for many Supernatural fans. Originally teased as the “Year of the Deanmon,” many fans were disappointed to find that Demon Dean only survived three episodes, and he did not cause that much havoc for Sam and Castiel. Instead, he drank, slept with women and basically looked like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders for the first time on Supernatural in 10 years.

Dean fans wanted to see more, and some still hope that he will return. The mid-season finale trailer teased just that with the flashes of him on his knees, holding a bloody knife and surrounded by dead bodies. However, it turned out that the Mark of Cain had taken over and he just realized that he could no longer control it. The return of Supernatural after the mid-season break just saw the brothers get back onto cases. It has only been this week that there was another hint that he could turn dark side.

It led to Supernatural getting its most watched episode since the mid-season finale. However, once again Demon Dean did not make a reappearance. Instead, Cain was killed and Dean gave the First Blade to Castiel, playing Crowley.

There is the possibility that Timothy Omundson helped to bring in the viewers. Many have wondered about his character Cain, ever since that episode where he gave Dean the Mark. It had been teased all season that he would return, especially when he posted a tweet about returning to Vancouver to film. The trailer for this week’s Supernatural teased that there would be a major showdown between Cain and Dean, and many fans were excited for that.

In total, 2.29 million people watched Supernatural on Thursday night. It was the highest rated episode for the 18-34 bracket since the mid-season finale in December, and the highest rated in the 18-49 bracket since its mid-season premiere in January. The total number of viewers for Supernatural had increased by 16 percent.

In the hour, Supernatural ranked third in the 18-34 age range. In the 18-49 and total number of viewers, it ranked fourth overall. It offers a positive look for the show, which received an early renewal for season 11, despite many believing that season 10 would be the last. The question is whether the views will be the same when the show returns in March.

Supernatural is taking a short break until March 18. It is moving from a Tuesday to a Wednesday night, and fans are being encouraged to note it down so they do not forget. iZombie will replace Supernatural on a Tuesday night, following The Flash.

There are still plenty of episodes left, and still a chance that the viewing figures will increase. However, Supernatural producers will be happy to hear that the show got its most watched episode since its mid-season finale.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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