Mark Sheppard Teases Supernatural Mommy Issues Disaster


Mark Sheppard has teased that there will be a disaster on Supernatural, thanks to his character’s mommy issues. The actor plays the demon-turned-ally, Crowley, on Supernatural. While he tries to run Hell still, he is struggling after allowing his mother out of his dungeon.

Crowley has been one of the longest running evils on the show. While he was mentioned in passing—mostly without a name—throughout the first four seasons, he was introduced properly in season five. He seemed like the big bad, until he started being more of an ally to the Winchesters. He even helped Dean get the Mark of Cain and the First Blade, so he could kill Abaddon in season nine, and then went out drinking with him when became a demon.

There was still a darkness to Crowley until recently on Supernatural. Since Rowena has made an appearance, he has struggled with the evil inside of him. His mommy issues are getting in the way, and Sheppard knows that it is not going to end well. He points out that it “never ends well with witches,” which is just what she is.

Sheppard has enjoyed this storyline in Supernatural, and loves delving more into Crowley’s past as a human and his issues with his mom. He admitted that parental dynamics are fun, because they know the buttons to press. Rowena certainly knows them, and she does have an effect on the demon.

The end game for Rowena is still unknown, but Sheppard has teased that it will end up as a disaster on Supernatural because of his mommy issues. The question is whether he has been playing everyone all this time, or whether he is being lured into his mother’s plans. Crowley has always seemed like a very smart demon, one that would not be played easily or manipulated. After all, he went from being a Crossroads Demon to the King of Hell on Supernatural.

Sheppard has admitted that Crowley is aware he is being manipulated. The problem is there are so many distractions going on. The biggest one this season on Supernatural is Dean Winchester, who needed the First Blade back to kill Cain. Those distractions are helping Rowena in her plans, and helping her manipulate him further.

It is also possible that the trials in season eight of Supernatural has helped lead to the manipulation. He was addicted to human blood for some time after that, and it is possible that there is still some humanity left inside him because of it. However, Sheppard has not confirmed or denied whether this is the case. It is possible that he still does not know how it is all going to play out.

This week’s episode saw Rowena make her displeasure of Crowley working with Dean known. However, there are still plenty of more episodes of Supernatural left. The show is taking a small break until March 18, but will likely pick up where it left off. Sheppard has certainly teased that there is a disaster waiting to happen on Supernatural, thanks to his mommy issues.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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