The Vampire Diaries Is Deadlier Than Another Deadly Show

The Vampire Diaries

There are many deadly shows on TV at the moment, but The Vampire Diaries is deadlier than most others. That is according to a report from 2012. There is one particular show that is known for its killing of supernatural creatures, and was expected to be on the top spot. The Walking Dead fans now have permission to raise their eyebrows.

According to, The Vampire Diaries had more deaths of supernatural creatures per episode than its zombie counterpart. In total, 18 creatures died per episode compared to the 16 per episode on The Walking Dead. By the time that this report was written, Game of Thrones was even behind with 14 deaths per episode, although they were not all supernatural creatures.

It is not really surprising, considering the earlier episodes of the hit vampire show. The report was based on shows up to 2011, so that would take the first three seasons of The Vampire Diaries into account. There were many vampire deaths in the first two seasons, and many of them unexpected. Poor Lexi was killed at the hands of Damon, with no warning whatsoever, and then there was the death of Pearl later on in the season. Season two characters did not fair that well, when the Original Vampires were brought into it.

There are some limitations to this study. Only eight episodes of various shows were considered to see if The Vampire Diaries is deadlier than other deadly shows. There is the possibility that episodes of other top killing shows did not have the body count that others did. It is also not completely up to date. How would shows like The Walking Dead fair against Game of Thrones now? did not just look into the supernatural deaths. It looked into the safest shows on TV, with Revenge surprisingly coming out on top. Considering the recent deaths on the show, that may have changed now.

Despite The Vampire Diaries not being very safe for non-humans, CBS took the spot for the deadliest network. Considering this is the home of the likes of Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles, this should not be that surprising. It is also worth noting that 11 shows were selected from this network, which is the larger number compared to other networks.

Out of all the deaths, there are very few funerals on the show that are actually on the screens. The Vampire Diaries seems to fair well with this. By the end of season three, most of the main deaths had some sort of funeral service. However, it is a little difficult when there is so much death in an episode and when sometimes the bodies fall into the enemies’ hands.

The report also found that it is sometimes difficult to tell when a dead body is actually a body. It made it difficult to determine the real body count in some of the shows. There were certainly some surprising results, though. It turns out that The Vampire Diaries is deadlier than another deadly show when it comes to supernatural deaths.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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