Grey’s Anatomy: All I Could Do Was Cry [Recap/Review]

Grey’s Anatomy

For many weeks, Grey’s Anatomy fans have wanted to know how the storyline with April and Jackson would end, and All I Could Do Was Cry has shown that. It was not an episode for the faint-hearted, and was full of emotion and heartbreak. One thing that the writers have always managed to do is bring a heartbreaking storyline and tell it with justice.

It was devastating for all. April and Jackson find out that their baby boy as type 2 of the condition, and he is in pain in the womb. His bones keep breaking, and they need to make a decision now. They decide they cannot keep him in pain any longer, so they need to induce the baby and give birth. It is a test of faith for all on Grey’s Anatomy, and even Jackson turns to God for help. Catherine Avery advises them to name their boy and hold him, because they will only regret it if they do not.

April has a new found faith, and continually prays for a miracle. She refuses to believe that God will let her son die. The other doctors also pray for their friends and the baby.

However, the hospital cannot shut down. A pregnant gunshot victim comes into the hospital, and Callie and Bailey need to treat her. Callie has to deliver the baby, finding out that she is nine months pregnant without realizing.

Meredith also wants to see her husband, but needs someone to watch her children. She turns to Alex, but does not want Jo watching them, too. That argument leads to him overlooking a strange-acting intern. Jo has never been the biggest fan of Meredith and Alex’s new relationship, so will this cause more problems for them?

All I Could Do Was Cry brought a shock decision to Grey’s Anatomy. April decides against inducing her pregnancy, saying that she cannot doubt God. She returns to work, despite Jackson wanting her to go through with it. It was a good decision, though, as she recognizes the intern as a former patient, not as a doctor. April talks to the woman and helps her deal with the loss of her loved one.

That moment helps her deal with her own situation, and she gives birth to her baby boy. Grey’s Anatomy focused on the birth and the aftermath perfectly. The grieving couple say goodbye to their baby, with the whole hospital mourning at the same time. When Catherine needed someone while mourning the loss of her grandson, Richard was there to hold her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Stephanie learns a harsh lesson from Amelia. She cannot offer reassurance to patients. They have jobs to do.

Meredith goes out of town, deciding to leave her children with their Aunt Maggie. However, it looks like all is not well on Grey’s Anatomy. Clips of next week’s episode shows that Maggie knows Meredith did not visit Derek after all, but did pack lingerie. So who did Meredith go see on Grey’s Anatomy this week, All I Could Do Was Cry?

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