The Vampire Diaries: Stay [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

There were two goodbyes for The Vampire Diaries characters in Stay. The good news for fans is that they had time to prepare. Many already knew that one actor was leaving the show, and the other character was on death’s door.

Steroline fans finally got the moment they were waiting for this week. Despite Caroline telling Stefan to leave, he wanted to be there for her. Love is in the air for these two, and they finally shared that kiss. The bad news is there were very few other happy moments on The Vampire Diaries this week.

Part of Sheriff Forbes’ dying request was to have her unsolved mysteries solved. There were quite a few, too, so Damon got involved to help. Many of them were quickly worked out when it turned out that they were Damon’s doing. Did Liz really expect him not to be involved considering the type of guy and vampire he is?

There is just one that could not be solved; the Gilbert car crash. When no reason comes up, she has to admit that “terrible things happen to really amazing people.” Damon then takes Liz home, gets asked to write her eulogy and then has to deal with her losing consciousness. When Caroline ran into hospital, it definitely felt like a girl losing her mom.

Caroline is distraught that she did not get to say goodbye, but Stefan teaches her the mind trick to say goodbye. She takes Liz back to a memory when Caroline was learning to ride a bike. It is a heartbreaking moment, especially considering it is such a natural death for The Vampire Diaries.

In other parts of Mystic Falls, Jeremy was getting ready to say goodbye. He has his “going away party,” with Elena, Matt and Damon. However, Enzo soon decides to bring the party down on this week’s The Vampire Diaries episode, Stay.

Enzo is still trying to destroy Stefan, and knows Sarah is the best way to do that. He gets Sarah and Matt to meet him at the bridge—because everything has to happen there—and then runs Matt down with his car. After feeding Matt some blood to save his life, Enzo disappears and leaves Sarah completely terrified.

Jeremy tells everyone that he is going to art school, and says his goodbyes. Elena clearly does not want to say goodbye to her brother, but surely she knows that leaving for college would be the best option. If only she knew what he was really doing. Alaric takes him to the bus stop, and it turns out he is off to hunt vampires in Santa Fe. How long will it take for Elena and the others to find out the truth? How annoyed will they be at Alaric for this?

It was a sad episode, but well done at the same time. One thing that the writers have always been good at is death scenes with some of the most loved side characters. Stay had the perfect goodbye for Liz on The Vampire Diaries.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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