The Vampire Diaries: The Day I Tried to Live [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Birthdays are not enjoyable events on The Vampire Diaries, and The Day I Tried to Live just proved it one more time. Bonnie Bennett has been missing the last few weeks from the show, but her situation has certainly not changed. She is stuck in this strange afterlife, and has the idea of killing herself to get out of it. Like anyone is really willing to let that happen.

Elena wants to celebrate the birthday of her best friend. However, nobody is really in the celebrating mood on The Vampire Diaries. Caroline is stressing about her mom’s impending death and Stefan is concerned for his friend. Damon is trying to work on a plan to get Bonnie back, and that means working with Kai. Now that Luke has merged with him, Kai wants to show that there is some good and he needs Elena’s help. It makes sense that the two want to use each other.

Liv turns to Tyler to tell him that she plans on killing her big witchy brother. She wants revenge for Luke. That is when she finds out Damon is working with him. Rather than finding out why Damon is working with him, she knocks Tyler out and goes out for blood.

Kai does send Damon, Elena and Jeremy to the other side, but so Bonnie cannot see them. Kai really does like his cloaking. The downside is that Bonnie is trying to kill herself and the others cannot stop her. It leads to Jeremy having to use his brains to save the woman he loves. They start planning but are sent back to the real world. Kai has a nosebleed and is not willing to risk his health for one witch.

That leads to Jeremy acting like the knight in shining armor on The Vampire Diaries’ The Day I Tried to Live. He wants to go alone to get to Bonnie and bring her home. Kai warns him that Jeremy could be stuck there, but Jeremy says that at least they are together and they love each other.

The plan seems to work, and Bonnie and Jeremy get the chance to communicate. In steps Liv out for blood, and just as Jeremy is about to talk to Bonnie the magic stops. Liv stabs Kai and Jeremy comes back from the other side. It is time for people on The Vampire Diaries to cause fatal wounds if they are going to kill powerful enemies. It would have been the perfect chance for Kai to fight back, but he decides against it. Is he really going to be another misunderstood character, rather than a truly evil one?

Jeremy wants to get back, and Kai is initially hesitant. However, he finally decides to go with it, and Jeremy gets to see Bonnie again. He cannot communicate with her, though, and he can just watch as she starts drinking the bourbon she and Damon had once promised they would share. She then turns over the car and locks herself in the garage, waiting for carbon monoxide poisoning to start kicking in.

Of course, the writers had promised Bonnie was going to become a bad-ass witch, so The Vampire Diaries know this is not the end. She decides against killing herself and goes back to the Salvatore home. It is a little anti-climatic with Jeremy just watching in the sidelines, but at least he did not see his girlfriend die.

While all this is happening, Enzo is out for information. He wants to know more about Sarah Salvatore and enlists Matt’s help. In other words, he is sending Matt in for Sarah to fall in love with, because that plan always works on The Vampire Diaries.

Once Jeremy is back, he tells Damon and Elena what happened. Tyler, meanwhile, is angry at Liv and no longer wants to see her again. She chose death over him—when has a character not done that?

The one thing that is difficult to believe is that Jeremy is really just going to move on. The Vampire Diaries fans know that Steven R. McQueen is leaving the show soon, and The Day I Tried to Live is setting that up but not in the most believable of ways.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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