‘The Voice’: Blind Auditions Round Night Two [Recap & Video]

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The Voice continued Tuesday night, February 24, 2015, with the show’s Blind Auditions Round, with Night Two. The first night of the Blind Audition Rounds was filled with some terrific singing. At the end of the first Blind Auditions Round, last night, all of the coaches, except for Adam Levine, had at least one team member. Who finally became Adam’s first team member? Which of the teams got the closest to filling up all of the available spots left by the end of the night? Read on, to find out!

The Voice began with host, Ryan Seacrest, introducing the four coaches and recapping everything that happened during the premiere episode of The Voice, last night. It did not take very long before Ryan said “Let the games begin!” and he introduced the first performer of the evening, Anthony Riley, 27, from Philadelphia, who sang I Got You (I Feel Good).

Anthony said he loved Motown. He started out singing at train stations. He said “I know I’m ready.” Riley was AMAZING and sounded a lot like James Brown as he sang, and he even had Brown’s dance moves down. He got Christina, Blake, Adam and Pharrell Williams to all turn their chairs around for him, the first four chair turn-around tonight on The Voice.

Blake told him “I haven’t been entertained so much all of this season on The Voice.”

Christina said that she “wanted to be a trail blazer along with you.”

On The Voice, Pharrell said that he would love to have Anthony on his team, and Adam said that he had a “plan to have you diversify.” After listening to the pitches of the coaches, Anthony chose to be on Team Pharrell.

The second musical artist on The Voice was Gabriel Wolfchild. He sang Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, and did an awesome job singing the song. He was able to get Christina and Adam to turn their chairs around for him. After Gabriel listened to what both coaches said to him to try to get him to be on his or her team, Gabriel chose to be on Christina’s team.

In the third spot on The Voice tonight was Brooke Adee, of Tampa, Florida. She sang Skinny Love for her Blind Audition. Both Adam and Blake turned their chairs around for Brooke. They both desperately tried to convince her to be on their teams as they like to one-up each other a lot. Brooke chose to be on Team Blake, which crushed Adam, who has yet to claim a team member.

The fourth performer on The Voice was Dylan Dunlap. He sang Talk Dirty and did a really good job singing it, but did not get anybody’s chairs to turn for him.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon was the fifth performer of the evening on The Voice. She chose to sing Pharrell’s hit song, Happy, for her Blind Audition. The Voice judges, Pharrell, Christina and Adam all turned their chairs for her, and she ended up saying she picked Team Adam. Adam finally has the first person on his team on The Voice!

The sixth person of the evening on The Voice, Joe Tolo, sang To Love Somebody. Blake turned his chair around, as did Christina. She said “You and me can do things together. I think we’re a match made in heaven. I haven’t won yet, but I think I can do great things with you.” She asked him what kind of music he liked to sing the most, and he said “Soul music.’

Blake said “She’s a very beautiful girl, she’s Christina Aguilera, but she hasn’t won a thing on The Voice.”

“I want to explore soul music with you. If that’s what you want to do, let’s do it,” Christina told him on The Voice.

“I think — I’ll chose Christina,’ Joe said.

“All three of them think they have to gang up on me because I won on The Voice last season,” Blake said.

Next up on The Voice was country music singer, Drew Parker. He was great, singing Workin’ Man Blues. Unfortunately, he did not get any chairs to turn around for him.

Mia Z, 15, then took the stage on The Voice. “The Voice is the biggest opportunity I could take,” she said. “To work with any of the coaches would be life-changing.” Mia sang The Thrill Is Gone. She has a pretty cool, sultry voice. Blake pushed his button and turned his chair around fairly quickly. Pharrell had his hand on his button, and he finally also pushed it and turned his chair around.

Blake asked her what her name was, and also her age. She told Blake, and also said she was from Philadelphia. Blake said “I never heard a performance like that.”

Adam said “I don’t think your voice needs that extra sauce.”

Blake said “Extra sauce, please! Drizzle it, drizzle it!”

She said she liked the Blues, and Blake said “The Blues and country music are first cousins, and I love my first cousins.”

Pharrell said “Let’s take it to the next level.”

Mia said “I pick — Pharrell.”

Blaze Johnson and his dad then spoke with The Voice host, Carson Daly. He said that his father was a janitor, and they came from the Bahamas. His family moved back to the Bahamas, but he stayed, and is living with the pastor of his church. “The coaches will be surprised because I don’t look like what I sound like. I’m a big guy with a big voice and a big dream.” Blaze sang How to Save a Life.

Adam pushed his button and turned his chair around pretty quickly. Blaze has an AMAZING voice. Then, Blake turned his chair around, also.

On The Voice, Blaze was asked by Blake where he got his name, and he said that was his dad’s name, and he was a Junior. Adam said “You don’t fit the mold, God bless you. You don’t fit inside of the box, and that’s why I want you.”

Blaze thanked them both, but then said “I pick Adam.” Adam said “Blake looked like he was in shock. That’s cool — I love to beat Blake.” Blaze made the second person to join Team Adam tonight. The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

On The Voice next was Bryan Pierce, 39, who was raised by a single mom. He said he camped out in tents at parks and even had to eat out of garbage cans. He said he kept singing, and put an album together, after having worked in construction several years. He said that “Singing is in my soul.” The sang he chose to sing was Elton John’s beautiful song, Rocket Man. Pierce did a really great job singing, but no chairs turned around for him.

The final singer of the evening on The Voice had been on the show before. Her name was Deanna Johnson, 18. She sang All I Want. She had not sung for around six months after she had not been selected on The Voice. Her dad set up a studio for her in the basement of their house. She said she had done vocal exercises and had worked on expanding her vocal range.

Blake, Pharrell, and Christina pushed their buttons at almost the exact same time. Adam pushed his button when the song was almost finished, making for yet another four chair turn-around.

Blake told her “You don’t want to go with the little people.”

Pharrell went up to her, and took off his hat and placed it over his chest. Pharrell told her “I wasn’t here the last time you were on The Voice. I wouldn’t have let you go.”

Adam said “My goal is to make you better. It’s the people who like to hear that who are going to go the distance.”

Deanna said “I love you all so much. I think I’m gonna pick…Adam.” That made Adam’s third pick-up tonight on The Voice.

Christina told Blake “Let it go, Blake — you’ll get over it.” But, right about then, Adam came up in front of him, taunting him and pumping his fist in the air.

The Blind Auditions will continue next week on The Voice. Adam finally got a few team members tonight, though he still has some catching up to do. He picked up three musical artists, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Blaze Johnson and Deanna Johnson. Pharrell Williams added two other team members, Anthony Riley and Mia Z, bringing his total up to five team members now. Christina Aguilera also grabbed two more team members, Gabriel Wolfchild and Joe Tolo, raising her count to four. Blake Shelton only convinced one other team member to join his team, Brooke Adee. Now, he has four members on his team, just like Christina.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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