Uber or Taxi Please

Rides in a Uber or taxi are beginning to become more difficult to get as airports are starting to put the brakes on those Uber drivers who are idling as they sit on airport property. The drivers were taking up too much space and causing traffic to slow down.

The pre-arranged ride-share apps are still available, however, the drivers’ information will not appear unless they are off airport property.  That means more waiting time, so travelers may resign themselves to not taking the Uber, but using a taxi instead.

Uber has faced some challenges with operations as well. It was reported in the Business Insider that they give permission to anyone to drive as long as the person owns a car. They have faced other operation challenges in some cities. The trouble in Boise was centered around rules that do not recognize ride sharing, which exists in over 20 jurisdictions within the United States. In Delhi, India, a woman accused one of the drivers of rape.

In 2014, Uber experienced a security breach that released important information for approximately 50,000 U.S. drivers. It was discovered that a third-party had access to the database. Due to this security breach issue, Uber extended to the drivers a one-year membership to an identity protection service.

In the South Florida cities and counties, it was reported that Uber does not want to follow rules. The areas in question to be addressed are such items as drivers holding proper insurance coverage, background checks that are thorough, and cars of the drivers can pass the established safety standards. All the rules must be followed by Uber as taxis are, also, required to do so.

In the case of a man from South Bay, he experienced price surging due to the overcrowding of the light rail. The man parked his car about 12 miles away for the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. He decided to use Uber. For a 30 minute ride, it cost $432, which was considered within the law.

Two Drake University students tested the Uber app and taxi service to see which one was better. On one occasion, they both went to the airport. The results, comparing these two services, was that the Uber arrived five minutes later than the taxi for pick up, but the cab took seven minutes longer to get to the airport. There was no difference in the fares. On the next trip, the Uber beat the cab, however, the cab cost about five dollars less.

On the other side regarding using Uber, customers have reported that their cars are fast. There is also a simple app that can be used to reach them and they have shiny cars.

There is also the convenience of not having monthly car payments and having to worry about parking. However, this impacts the car industry. To resolve this problem, Ford is in the process of creating its own Uber ride-sharing app and a car to go with it. This program will all be tested in London. If this works out well, customers will be choosing between the Uber or the taxi.

By Marie A. Wakefield

Business Insider
The Washington Post
Photo by Joakim Formo Flickr Page – License

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