Vaccines and Chicken McNuggets Go Hand in Hand

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VaccinesThe Department of Public Health has worked hand in hand with another state organization to make it possible for children to receive a side of vaccines with their next Chicken McNugget Happy Meal at McDonald’s chains in Texas. It is making quite a statement for a fast food restaurant to offer such an accompaniment to their children’s meals.

McDonald’s restaurants all over Texas, including outlets in Amarillo, have apparently offered free vaccinations with a Happy Meal for some time now, starting years ago. This kind gesture to the public is again available in 2015. The line-up offered to children under 17 years old, accompanied by a grown-up, includes a Hepatitis A, Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine, the Tdap booster shot, the varicella vaccination and the meningococcal vaccine. That is quite a dose of powerful ingredients all souped up for kids to take down with a sandwich, side of fries, a soda, and a toy.

Of course, other McDonald’s patrons are welcome to receive vaccines as well, not just the kiddos. As long as immunization records are presented, all can proceed without a bit of worry for the arsenal of chemicals and bacteria approved by the nation’s department concerned with public health. It seems only logical that McDonald’s would see fit to pair vaccines up with their world-famous Happy Meals because apparently vaccines and chicken McNuggets go hand in hand.

Usually, vaccinations are spaced out so they do not overwhelm the system of the receiver. However, in order to simplify the process of vaccinations and make it easy for McDonald’s to distribute them to patrons free of charge, someone in the ranks of authority has decided to put these five vaccines together to be taken all at one time.

The Caring for Children Foundation of Texas has teamed up with the Department of Public Health in order to help patrons feel confident this mass free distribution of vaccinations is a good idea. Perhaps it is interesting to note that only several days ago reports hit the news that McDonald’s was rapidly losing money as more and more people were refusing to eat what has been termed “fake food.”

One of the largest advertising campaigns McDonald’s has invested in ran during the Superbowl in attempts to “win back” patrons who have been leaving the franchise for “healthier” options. The CEO of McDonald’s has recently removed himself from this position as more and more of the world has begun to question what is really inside all that McFood.

Investigators have reported 19 mysterious ingredients inside McDonald’s foods including items that also help to create yoga mats. The line-up of vaccinations offered to patrons at Texas McDonald’s may not stay in Texas alone as McDonald’s seeks new ways of drawing in consumers. For those interested in the free vaccinations they should be advised to have their children checked by a physician before loading them up with such an extreme dose and to have a follow-up visit planned, just to be on the safe side.

Whether or not chicken McNuggets and vaccinations really go hand in hand is yet to be discovered. However, those brave enough to test their luck can now do so in franchises in Texas this year, and perhaps more far-reaching soon.

By Ailey Hines


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