Valentine’s Day Is Not Just for Couples


Valentine’s Day is not for couples only, but is a time to celebrate love. For those who are married or have a significant other and are in loving relationships this day seems to conjure up powerful imagery of romance. For others who may not be in a romantic relationship far too often feel left out with emotional triggers of overwhelming loneliness.

This does not have to be and should not be the case. Valentine’s Day is about love. Love is something everyone can benefit from, not just between romantic partners but all expressions of love. It is a wonderful day to create opportunities to show love to those who are significant in one’s life or to a homeless person who would just like a cup of coffee.

Life is all about perspectives. If February 14th is generally a time when feelings of sadness and emptiness tend to overpower one’s life, it is time to change the perspective about the holiday. Instead of focusing on couples or romance, change the focal point to love. While friends by flowers, chocolate and cards for their partner, purchase some for a friend, parent or someone else who may have just lost a loved one. Turn the focus inward and do something wonderful for yourself.

Many times when people think of love they immediately think outside but if a person does not love themselves it is nearly impossible to truly love another. A person’s sense of self worth must come from who they are as opposed to who they are connected to. Loving yourself is not the same as being selfish or narcissistic; instead it is accepting yourself as you are.

When people love themselves, the world around them becomes more beautiful and appealing. Self-love changes one’s perspective on things, people and life. No, these things do not necessarily change but the way they are viewed does. Why…because it makes you a better person. Love for yourself is a gift that should not be overlooked.

Love is not something that has to be taught initially; children are born into the world loving themselves and are then taught otherwise. Either they talked themselves out of it or they were mistreated and as a result felt unloved or not good enough. Whatever the reason may have been it is time to take it back and change your perspective about Valentine’s Day and yourself. Let go of the negative things you tell yourself and replace those thoughts with love. This is not an easy job, but it is not impossible either. As people learn to love themselves life becomes easier, all things flow together and love from others is easier to find. As you are fulfilled inwardly, all else is a bonus.

As Valentine’s Day approaches once more, do not allow yourself to get down and depressed. Instead change your perspective and realize it is simply about love. Spend time focusing on what you do have as opposed to what you do not. Share the day with friends or family, invite your single friends over or out to dinner. Until that significant other comes along, create a new tradition for Valentine’s Day and let it begin with loving yourself. Once this happens you approach the day designed for love with a new and healthier outlook. On February 14th, look in the mirror and yell to yourself, “Happy Valentine’s Day Love!”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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