Jackie Chan’s Son Released From Jail

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, has been released from jail. He faced a six-month sentence due to allowing people in his apartment to use marijuana. It could have been a much harsher sentence, and was all part of a crackdown by the Chinese on drugs in the country.

The singer and actor was caught last year with narcotics with a friend. He faced a three-year sentence if he was found guilty of possession. Caught with 100g of marijuana, he decided to plead guilty to “sheltering others to use drugs” while at Dongcheng District Court at the start of this year. He was sentenced to six months due to the charge. The leniency was offered after he showed contrition. His friend, Ko Chen-tung, served a 14-day sentence.

According to a statement released by 32-year-old Chan’s entertainment company, he was released a few minutes after midnight in China. Reporters allegedly chased after his car from Dongcheng jail, and surrounded it when it reached the toll station. The statement did say that the actor would hold a conference tomorrow so that he could explain the situation and apologize to his fans.

China has focused on cracking down on the use of illegal drugs in its country, especially in its capital. Many celebrities have been caught with drugs, and police are using them as an example to others. According to reports, 7,800 people faced arrests last summer in the biggest campaign of the last 20 years.

Despite Chan’s son now being released from jail, the 62-year-old actor is disappointed. As soon as his son was arrested, the Rush Hour actor told reporters that he was sorry for the actions. It was especially embarrassing for him since he is now serving as one of the anti-drug ambassadors in the country. He is also the deputy of China’s legislature top advisory board. He promised his own fans that he would work with his son to curb the use of the drugs.

Despite only being jailed in January, Chan’s spokesperson says that he did serve the full six-months. It is clear that it was backdated to the time of his arrest. He was forced to pay 2,000 Yuan as a fine, too.

During the court proceedings, the singer said that he did not know why police were at his house at the time of the arrest. He gave the information the police needed and confessed. He said that he wanted to hand his drugs to the country and did not “know how to deal with the marijuana.”

The Karate Kid actor was extremely heartbroken at his son’s arrests. He had already disinherited his son, saying that half of his $130 million inheritance would be given to charity. He did not want his son wasting the money. Chan now hopes that other young people learn from his son’s mistakes. His son has had to face the consequences of his actions, but he is standing by him to support him at this time. The situation may be behind them now, as Chan’s son has been released from jail.

By Alexandria Ingham


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