Vitamin D Deficiency in Children Could Lead to Adult Heart Problems

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Vitamin D

Children deficient in Vitamin D may find it leading to heart problems and reduced muscle strength as adults. Families following a vegan diet seem to be at higher risk than those who include food high in Vitamin D such as fish, some dairy products, and/or eggs.

A person who has chronic issues in their digestive tract will have trouble getting enough into their system. In fact, a person with digestive issues will probably be deficient in a number of nutrients.

Fat tissue leaches Vitamin D from a person’s system. It follows then that children who are obese are at risk of developing heart problems later in life. It is possible that if the mother has higher levels of the vitamin during pregnancy, it could make a difference for her baby. Starting early to avoid children being deficient in Vitamin D makes sense if it could lead to healthy adults without heart problems.

Having little exposure to the sun also contributes to low levels of this vital nutrient. While climate can make a difference, it is likely that lifestyle is more a factor in a person spending time outdoors. Busy lives, spending lots of time playing video games, and maybe even homework can limit the amount of time children head outside to play.

Using sunscreen or wearing clothing that completely covers all skin, such as those with long sleeves, long pants, or long robes limits the amount of sunshine the body is exposed to when outside. It may not be a good idea to try to capture rays by laying out in the blistering heat in the middle of a hot summer day. However; once in a while, either early or late in the day, it is alright to spend some time in the sun without the sunscreen and wearing shorts with a tank top to absorb Vitamin D from Nature.

Vitamin D consumed over time helps the body use Calcium. So, for strong bones Vitamin D is crucial, especially for children as they grow. If they do not get it from their diet, they may have to take a supplement to ensure good health while they are young and for the long-term. Absorption may be affected if the person is obese and if that is the case, it would be wise to consult a doctor to determine if a child’s level of the vitamin is adequate.

While the symptoms of a deficiency can go unnoticed, pain in the bones or muscle weakness can be indicators. Whether or not a person has symptoms, if they are low in Vitamin D they could be in store for serious health problems.

Among the symptoms are asthma in children, mental deficiency in the elderly, cancer, and, as stated, heart problems in adults. Other possibilities where having enough Vitamin D could prevent serious health issues include: both types of diabetes, intolerance to glucose, hypertension, and multiple sclerosis.

Good diet and activity go a long way in contributing to overall health. Ensuring that children are not deficient in Vitamin D could lead to healthy adults without heart problems. Perhaps it is time take a break from the TV, video games, and even homework. Spending the time to get outside with the kids and play hopscotch, jump rope, or a game of tag could go a long way in sending them off to a healthy adulthood.

By Ailey Hines
Photo by Dimitris Agelakis – License



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