Accident Claims R&B Singer’s Life [Video]

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Charmayne Brown of 90s girl’s group Brownstown died from a freak accident in her Los Angeles home. Before the cause of the accident was revealed, her brother tweeted, “Bad things happen to the most innocent people” and then mused that he could not believe that he was typing that his sister had died. He did not reveal how she accidentally died on social media, but continued, saying that he was in “so much pain right now.” It was only later revealed that Charmayne accidentally fell and knocked herself out while holding a wine glass. The wine glass cut her neck as she lay unconscious, bleeding out. Her husband, music producer Cartsen Schack, came home to find her unresponsive in a pool of blood from the laceration to the back of her neck. He rushed her to the hospital but she died on the way. She leaves behind an eleven-year-old son named Nicolaj.

One of the original members of the group, Charmayne Maxwell, formed Brownstone with Monica Doby and Nichole Gilbert after auditioning around Los Angeles. The trio signed onto Michael Jackson’s MJJ Music label. After a year, they released their debut album, From the Bottom Up. Their musical harmonizing was likened to Boys to Men and En Vogue, who were both very popular at the time. The track If You Love Me exemplified how beautifully they could harmonize. In addition, the trio’s cover of The Eagle’s I Can’t Tell You Why garnered praise from music critics.

accidentTheir work on the album netted them nominations for both a Grammy Award and Billboard Music Award. A subsequent album, Still Climbing was more of the same beautiful vocalizing. When Doby left the group due to bronchitis, Kina Cosper picked up the mantle and even wrote a few songs, along with Gilbert, for the LP. However, one critique of this and the previous album was “inconsistent songwriting.” Nonetheless the group still kept up with their strong, soulful harmonizing, and the fans flocked to the album as they had done before. Parenthetically, Blurred Lines Robin Thicke also penned a song for their sophomore album. The group continued to switch out members, but never recorded another album. They did, however, contribute a track to The Player’s Club movie entitled, Don’t Play Me Wrong.

Charmayne married her Dutch husband, Schack, after the pair met when he was hired to work on their album. He made a statement in conjunction with his son saying that they were devastated over the accident and his wife’s unexpected and tragic death. He stated that Charmayne was a good wife and mother. Initial reports were that Charmayne fell accidentally during a soccer match, but she was at home when the accident happened. The police suspect no foul play and believe her death was accidental.

Other unexpected accidental celebrity deaths have caught the public by surprise. Blaque’s Natina Reed was struck by a car while inexplicably walking on one of Atlanta’s busy metro highways. That accident left behind her then 10-year old son, Tren. She had starred in the 90s movie, Bring it On. She had been discovered by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who also died after being involved in a car accident.

By Danielle Branch

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