Airline Flights Canceled


Airline flights have been cancelled in DC, New York and Philadelphia due to major snow storms in the area. The airlines had to cancel over 1400 flights.

Winter storms were carried over into March from February and left a lot of snow in its wake. It brought ice and snow to most of the northeast. The storm is expected to pass on through by Monday and will be replaced by some much-needed sun. The temperatures will be higher on Monday than on Sunday and will be in the 20s.

The storms passing through Philadelphia will bring with them snow and sleet, ice accumulations, low temperatures, hazardous traveling and walking conditions. They are advising everyone to stay home and not venture out.

Airline flights will resume as soon as the weather subsides and the snow is cleared away from the planes and runways. The airline flights cancelled will affect the bottom line of the airlines. Mother nature had other ideas for the people on the flights that were cancelled.

By Michele Enli


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