Amanda Knox Appeals Murder Conviction

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox, an American native, is currently appealing her murder conviction in Italy for the death of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, who was murdered in November 2007. Knox’s boyfriend at the time of the murder, Raffaele Sollecito, is also being charged with the murder of Kercher. Kercher’s death took place in Perugia, a small university town located in between Rome and Florence.

Knox was originally charged with the murder, along with Sollecito, back in 2007. She was convicted in 2009, but after two years, an appeals court overturned both of their guilty verdicts. After four years behind bars, it appeared as though Knox was finally in the clear. She moved back to Seattle and looked to re-start her life after her long legal battles in Italy. Then, in 2013, Italy’s supreme court reversed the acquittals and brought the case back the appellate court. The court re-convicted the couple last year. The re-convictions have sentenced Knox to 28 and a half years and Sollecito to 25 years in prison. Naturally, the two appealed the decision, and now the case is being brought back to the country’s supreme court. The court will be hearing arguments on Wednesday, and Sollecito’s case will likely be heard on Friday.

Knox’s defense team is urging the Italian court to reverse this “grave judicial error.” Carlo Dalla Vedova said, “this is not justice, it is a distortion of the facts,” while speaking of her conviction by the Florence appeals court. Knox is currently awaiting to see if she will be spending the next 28 years in prison as she appeals her murder conviction. Sollecito is also awaiting the verdict, but at the moment he remains free, although his passport has been revoked.

The murder itself was committed under very suspicious circumstances. The body was found in the apartment that Kercher shared with Knox and two other people. Kercher’s body was found with her throat slit and there were signs of sexual assault. Within days, the two were the prime suspects in the murder. The defense teams have been arguing for the courts to just focus solely on the evidence available, because there is no clear motive for the murder.

Knox has maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings. She has come out to say that having the appeal reversed absolutely devastated her. It is currently unclear what will happen to her if she is found guilty. It is very possible that she will be extradited. The defense has focused on her own accusation of bar owner Diya “Patrick” Lumumba. Lumumba himself was adamant about the guilt of his former employee Knox. Her alibi for the night of the murder is simple. She maintains that she spent the night at Sollecito’s place, smoking pot, making love, and watching movies. The Florence court has brought together the idea that the couple acted together with a drifter, who was originally from the Ivory Coast. The man’s name is Rudy Hermann Guede, who is currently serving a 16-year sentence for the part that he played in the sexual assault and murder of Kercher. Currently, Knox’s future remains uncertain as she appeals her murder conviction in Florence, Italy.

By James Dixson


Chicago Tribune

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