Angelina Jolie Delivers Empowering Message at Kids’ Choice Awards

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, who continues to serve as an inspirational model for women, delivered an empowering message at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Speaking from the stage at the event, held in Los Angeles, California, Jolie, the 39 year-old actress and film maker, told her cheering audiences that “different is good,” as she accepted the Favorite Villain award for her portrayal of Maleficent, the title character of the movie with the same name.

Maleficent, released in the summer of 2014, offers a new take on the quintessential villainess of Disney’s Classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, the black shrouded antagonist who places a curse on Princess Aurora, causing her to fall into a deep permanent sleep, only to be broken by true love’s kiss. In the 2014 release, we see another side of her, the protector of the forest, whose life is derailed, when the King’s successor threatens its inhabitants and betrays her by slicing off her wings. Maleficent, thus turns into the stone-cold witch she is so known as in the original fairy tale. As an act of revenge, she places the famous curse upon princess Aurora, the King’s daughter, which she soon regrets, as she discovers that the young blonde princess holds the key to harmony within the land.

Jolie’s portrayal of the classic villainess, who in the end strives to do what is right, resonates with her personality and experiences. “I was told I was different,” she told her audience of cheering teens and tweens, referring to her childhood, where she had always felt out-of-place, never fitting in, and too loud and full of fire. “When someone tells you that you are different,” she told her audience, “hold your head up.” Jolie reflects her character further in the ability to overcome a setback and come out victorious against all odds, while always maintaining integrity. This was evident with her with the empowering message Jolie delivered at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Recently, Jolie had undergone preventive surgery, when she learned that she was prone to ovarian cancer. Two years prior to that, she was operated on for double mastectomy due to her discovery that she carried a mutation in the BRACA1 gene, which made her a potential breast cancer risk. Jolie said her decision to undergo the surgery came from her family, citing that she had lost her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, to ovarian cancer, along with her aunt and grandmother.

Two weeks ago, when Jolie underwent a test she takes annually, which takes a measurement of her blood to determine the amount of protein CA-125, it was then she discovered that she was at risk for the deadly ovarian cancer. She wrote that as soon as her husband Brad Pitt, who was in Paris, heard the news, he immediately jumped on a plane so he could be with her when she underwent the surgery. Although it is not possible to entirely remove the risk, Jolie stated, she does her best to maintain her optimum health. Jolie also feels it is necessary demonstrate to the six children she has had with actor Pitt, the importance of making these life savings decisions, in order to be there for them.

Jolie, as she delivered her empowering message at the Kids’ Choice Awards this past Saturday, reminded them of the importance of being unique in their individuality, and set a shining example of strength. As the actress stated, she never wants her children to say that their mother died of ovarian cancer.

by Bill Ades

Angelina Jolie makes first public appearance post-surgery with inspiring speech at Kids’ Choice Awards: ‘Don’t fit in’

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