Angie Stone Arrested After Violent Fight With Daughter [Video]


Singer Angie Stone was arrested on Monday on felony charges of aggravated domestic assault. The Love and War singer had a nasty brawl with her daughter Diamond Stone after approaching her with orders to clean up her room and control her children. Reportedly, after the two began to argue when Angie picked up a metal stand and hit her daughter in the face knocking out her teeth.

As witnessed on R&B Divas of Atlanta, Angie and her 30-year-old daughter have had a strained relationship for many years. The Grammy-nominated singer may not be on reality television any longer but it appears she failed to escape the drama. Police were called to her home located on Rogers Lake Road after reports of an altercation.

The Brotha singer and her daughter were arrested in DeKalb County. According to the police report, Angie told officers that her daughter hit her in the face with her fist. Diamond and a family friend named Blondy Chisolm said neither was sure who threw the first punch. Allegedly, Angie got in her face and told her she needed to leave. The two began arguing and that is when the physical altercation took place.

The 53-year-old singer said initially she did not know she had hit her daughter with the stand, but as soon as she realized it the Wish I Didn’t Miss You singer immediately put it down and backed away. Angie stated after this she tried to get away from Diamond but her daughter kept coming at her with intention to strike her again but the friend broke up the fight.

Diamond expressed a different version of what led up to the attack. After being hit with the metal stand her daughter said she walked away and called the police. Both women were arrested and questioned; Diamond was released with no charges and Angie was held. This is not her first encounter with the law; in March 2011 as Angie was driving to church she was stopped for speeding and arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Diamond released a statement criticizing people for supporting her mother after she attacked her. She said it is never right to uphold people in their error, no matter who they are. Diamond talked about her mother being so big and bad but needed to use a weapon to fight her. Diamond stated:

I am crushed but I am not dead. This is not over.

The up and coming singer said she will no longer hide the abuse, she is tired and now it has gone to another level. Diamond said she is separating herself from all of the drama and abuse and prays that God heals her family. She went on to say that from where she sits there is no turning back. Diamond accused her mother of being worried about the media but said she will not rest until her story is heard. She added:

If you are not with me, you are against me.

The young woman also shared photos of the metal stand her mom used to strike her, her damaged mouth and the teeth that were knocked out. The fans are speaking out; some in support and some in disgust. Many agree that if Diamond felt abused she should have gotten a job and moved out long ago. Others are saying there should never be a reason pressing enough for a mother to strike her daughter with such an object.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Daily Mail

Photo Courtesy of Maurice – Creativecommons Flickr License

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