Apple Continuing to Grow Exponentially!


Apple Inc. continues to amaze the world with its continuation of growth. To most consumers it seems to be happening at an exponential rate. With a consistent launch of products for the past 10 years it’s easy to assume that Apple Inc. does not plan on stopping or slowing down. Over the past 10 years Apple Stock has increased by over 3000 percent. In the year 2000 their estimated worth ranged at about $4.8 billion dollars. Now in the year of 2015, the net worth of Apple is a whopping 300 +$billion dollars  which is an increase of over 6,000 percent.

In 1976 the founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, launched Apple Computer Company which was the first the world has seen in the area of marketing home computers. With continuing innovations such as the mp3 player arena and portable laptops, people of today’s time wouldn’t be the same without Apple Inc. In many ways, they are a testament to marketing growth and the concept of the taking advantage of available needs in today’s society which leads to all sorts of possible income sources that created the potential to increase productivity as a species and to also reach an exponentially larger area of those on this planet in need of most assistance.

In 2015 Apple Inc. in their continuing growth obtained the first fuel cell battery which boasts an increase to the amount of battery life available, which would in turn  make value grow and increase demand for the expensive products. In the increasing technological age the need and want for detached mobile battery life grows daily. On the other hand or wrist, the Mac watch which – if your were able to purchase in these times would cost you upwards of 600 bucks.  It is not certain what it can do more than the currently available iPhones.

Who else is there to compete with the Mac? Most of the software available now started from some sort or kind of cloned beginnings. Thankfully Steve Jobs and his exponential abilities  were there until the end innovating and changing with the times ad market fluctuations. The thought of what was necessary for the growth of a company had to be secondary to the thought of how a consumer would be interested in wanting the product in the first place. Noticing these changes is key to staying afloat in business and in life. Knowing when to change direction or pivot is imperative for growth and continuing in the learning process and being aware of what is relevant in all fields you employ.

What is left for Apple Inc? What could stop their continuing exponential growth? Only their limitations to be innovative,or to somehow stop making products that the people of this planet want to consume. The old days of  just making and producing the goods they wanted to have died. Most corporations are only interested in creating products that will be sold while  increasing the status and value of that said product, then to ultimately increase the price to make the most profit such is the way of the market.

Written By David Alen Diggs Jr




Image Courtesy of Andy – Flickr License

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