Sweden Restaurant Shooting Believed to Be Gang Related


On Wednesday night, a shooting occurred at a restaurant in Goteborg, Sweden. Though many details of the shooting are still left unknown, authorities in Sweden are stating that they believe the restaurant shooting was gang related. Gang shootings are common in Goteborg, Sweden, and no evidence points to terrorism, according to police statements. Information released so far, confirms that two people are dead and many have severe injuries. As police continue to investigate the shooting, they are looking into the indications that the shooting was gang-related, without any details of the suspects. As they move forward in the case, they are hoping that information can lead them to find the reason for the shooting.

According to sources, eyewitness testimony places two men at a restaurant in Sweden, as they apparently opened up fire on civilians with automatic weapons. Everyone was taken immediately to a medical facility in Sweden for treatment of gunshot wounds and related injuries. Two people were confirmed dead from the shooting, though information has not been released on whether they died before or after reaching the hospital. Several more were left injured, some critically.

The shooting took place at Var Krog och Bar. According to sources, the business functions as a full restaurant, opened in Sweden in the year 1995, but also functions as a sports bar and night club on Friday and Saturday nights. The restaurant is located in the Biskopsgarden suburb in Goteborg, Sweden, an area where gang violence is high. This area has seen gang violence before, as a man was shot outside of the restaurant in January. Police do not know if the shootings have any link.

As the criminals opened fire on everyone inside, police are unsure of whether the shooters were targeting anyone specific. Gang shootings with multiple, unrelated victims are said to be rare in that area. Sources state that public shootings, gang-related, are also rare in the large cities of Sweden. Ulla Brehm, a spokeswoman for police, said that police believed it was too early in the investigation to figure out a possible motive for a the gang-related shooting at that restaurant in Sweden.

Many people have been brought in for questioning, though police are still early in their investigation. Brehm did state that a targeted police investigation has been going on in the area, because of the gang-related shootings in the past. Any description collected of the two men, if any, has not yet been released. (However, some sources report that there was only one man and one automatic weapon.)

Police have stated officially that two are dead, but have also stated that they are expecting the death toll to rise, as many victims suffered severe injuries. At this point, much of the information is speculation, but police have confirmed that they believe that the restaurant shooting in Sweden is only gang-related, as no evidence indicates terrorism. With Goteborg being the second largest city, and the shooting being targeted to one restaurant, it is unlikely that it is terrorism. Police are continuing there investigation and more information will be released as it becomes available.

By Crystal Boulware


ABC News

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