Apple Inc. Compared to Nazis by Snide Chinese Billionaire

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Apple Inc. was recently compared to the Nazis by a snide Chinese Billionaire. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Chinese website, Jia Yeuting, mentioned in a comment that the functioning of Apple Inc. is similar to that of Adolf Hitler. LeTV has become the Chinese version of YouTube. It has been sharing videos with the netizens of the People’s Republic of China for over a decade. The website is entirely in Chinese with videos of the Chinese population and cartoons created by them.

In an advertising campaign, the tech-competitor suggests that Apple Inc. is Adolf Hitler. The caricature is shown dressed in full Nazi garb with a Heil Hitler salute and the Apple logo replacing the Nazi swastika on the arm of an animated figure resembling Hitler. He stands to the right in front of a warning sign and caution tape. To the left are five cheerful children in front of a wind farm and mountains, looking eager to enter through LeTV’s smartphone, represented as doors.

apple incThe comparison argues that Apple Inc. is suppressing and damaging user interests with the launch of its new iPhone. At the top of the poster written in text, is LeTV’s comparison between the features in iOS and Android operating systems. According to Yeuting, the comment was because of the obvious resemblance between Apple’s restrictive practices and Hitler’s bigotry. In a recent statement, the snide billionaire from China recently compared Apple Inc. and their style of functioning to that of the Nazis.

A debate has begun about how to bring about change and improvements in the tech industry especially at a time when Apple Inc. is technically the industry’s biggest super-power. Business experts have clarified that the X9000 model from LeTV being advertised by Yeuting in this Hitler-inspired picture stands no change of beating Apple Inc. and their iPhone brand as they are constantly working towards upgrading their product range with new and varied versions of iPhone.

apple incThe image of LeTV’s upcoming Android-powered smartphone, the X9000 was posted on Yeuting’s verified micro-blogging account has over five million followers. It is believed to be an attempt to promote his company’s debut in the smartphone market. Other companies including Google have also raised a concern over the rigid and unrelenting policies of Apple Inc. These companies are suggesting that Apple Inc. is trying to restrict and muzzle idiosyncrasy in the field of innovation by setting a stringent and structured business model. One of Google’s own advertising campaign had the tagline ‘Be together. Not the same.’ This was a tactical reference suggesting iOS is antagonistic.

The X9000 is expected to be unveiled next week and sources are reporting that it will feature a reversible USB Type-C port, 4GB of RAM, a 5.5-inch display with the color, body and lock screen features which are all said to be inspired by iPhone designs. It is interesting to see how the snide Chinese billionaire, Jia Yeuting, chose to compare Apple Inc. to the Nazis while sharing details about a new product made by his own company probably using reverse engineering technique, and which looks like a rip-off of a product from Apple Inc.

By Ankur Sinha

Business Insider
The Times Of India

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