Big Crunch to Be the Doom of Universe That Began With Big Bang

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Our universe that started with the Big Bang is going to come to an end with the Big Crunch. The Colossal Crash or the Big Crunch that the universe is headed towards could relatively happen sooner in terms of universal time. In a research paper published in the reputed Physical Review Letters, some physicists have shared their work on the hypothesis of a system or structure of calculations that could roughly estimate the ‘Cosmological Collapse’.

According to the mechanism, the universe is expected to stop expanding at a stage. This is the stage that the physicists expect when the universe will collapse within itself. This would annihilate human beings including life as it exists anywhere in the universe, the solar system, stars, galaxies, and all the matter that has ever existed.

The concept of an impending universal collapse or big crunch has been discussed by leading physicists for quite some time now. However, the importance of the new published paper is that it talks about the cosmic crunch as inevitable on the universal scale. Its calculations share a rough estimate about the time frame of the collapse. The study says that the universe that began with Big Bang will come to an end with Big Crunch.

big crunchAs per physical cosmology, there could be multiple scenarios about what would ultimately happen to the universe out of which one is the Big Crunch. According to this, the metric expansion of the space finally stops and reverses, leading to the collapse of the universe. This would eventually turn it into a black hole singularity. Another theory suggests that it could lead to reformation of the universe after another Big Bang. It has been debated by the cosmologists for a long time if the universe will collapse or keep expanding till all the stars burn out.

One of the authors of the published research paper, Antonio Padilla at the University of Nottingham, spoke to media about it. In his statement, he mentioned that the fact that we have now discovered dark energy may be considered as evidence which points out the approaching doom of the universe. This dark energy will become the dominant force in the universe shortly before it collapses. He also informed that they are presently analyzing more data to evaluate and put a numeric value on the end date.

Padilla further clarified that they have traced early evidence of an impending big crunch leading to collapse of the universe. He suggests that it will still take more than tens of billions of years to take place. But that needs to be properly verified further and the human race does not have to worry about its existence at this point of time. Our universe is in a stage of accelerated expansion at the moment which will continue for a long time. But it is certain that what started with the Big Bang is going to come to an end with the Big Crunch. However, the paper concludes that though the cause of the imminent doom of our universe has been found, the team of physicists still needs to do a little more research.

By Ankur Sinha

IFL Science

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