Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Producing Gruesome Testimonies

Boston Marathon

As the trial against Dzhokar Tsarnaev continues, for the Boston Marathon bombing that happened April 15, 2013, it seems the odds are against him as witness testimony is producing gruesome stories, painting a harsh picture against the suspect. As victims of the Boston Marathon bombing entered the courtroom with missing limbs, painful looks, and stories of lost loved ones, it became clear that the eyewitness testimony that they have to contribute to the case is not for the faint at heart. But it is also not for the easily nauseated either, as onlookers are calling this trial excruciatingly graphic and grueling.

It has been two years since the bombing at the Boston Marathon. From pictures and stories told since that day, it is obvious to anyone that the event was full of blood and gore. It was a hard sight to see and an even harder sight to be at. But that did not stop the courts from allowing testimony that would account, in great detail, exactly how bloody and gory the Boston Marathon of 2013 was for the victims involved.

Thursday morning showed the first set of victims testimonies to the events that accord at the Boston Marathon bombing. A police officer testified to his remembrance of trying to help out the victims at the Boston Marathon. He described seeing shrapnel in people, seeing a woman holding her own organs, and having to move people out of the ambulance to make way for other people. A man who had lost both legs in the bombing testified. He described his bleeding from his lost limbs as he was wheeled out in a wheelchair. Another woman testified to the pain she was in, describing how she could see her foot dangling out in front of her. She described her fear that the limb she saw was hers, only to realize it was. Another woman testified that she could see her bones laying on the sidewalk next to her. Many other victims testified as well, in the case against Tsarnaev, but their testimonies, though gruesome, were more so because of the photos, videos, and other evidence that came along with the testimonies, as they described their bleeding, loss of limbs, and painful inability to help themselves. One man even testified to the loss of his son, shedding out cruel words for the defendant. Never before seen videos of the Boston Marathon bombing were also played during the trial, giving jurors new evidence to consider.

All of this harsh and descriptive testimony pushed the defense attorney, David Bruck, to object, complaining to the judge that the testimony was too gruesome and ask that it could be limited. He stated that victim impact testimony is suppose to be presented after the verdict, as the jury decides punishment. However, the judge in the case, Judge George O’Toole Jr., denied the objection, stating that the victims were merely describing what they saw during the Boston Marathon bombing. But, as some witnesses were making comparisons of the Boston Marathon bombing to the war in Iraq, Bruck had to object and ask the judge to quit allowing them to make comparisons. The judge agreed to that motion.

As three people were killed in the Boston Marathon bombing, and 260 were hurt by the shrapnel that was packed inside the explosives, the prosecutors have had no shortage of witnesses. Though the prosecution had many questions for the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, according to sources, the defense attorneys declined the opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses. As they gave their painful testimonies, Tsarnaev just sat back in his chair, avoiding eye contact with any of the victims.

On Wednesday, the defense attorney for Tsarnaev admitted he was guilty of the Boston Marathon bombing, hoping to take the death penalty off of the floor, but it was a move that was unsuccessful. As the trial pushes on, Bruck is working to provide Tsarnaev with a less harsh sentence, as he states that he was under the major influence of his brother, the other suspect in the case who was killed before he could be captured. With the gruesome testimony that witnesses are providing for the juror, it may not be likely that the sentence against Tsarnaev will be a light one. The Boston Marathon bombing created mass casualties, and many witnesses have claimed that they saw Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon, looking rather suspicious.

The trial against Tsarnaev is expected to continue Monday. Sources say that the court can expect to hear and see more gruesome evidence that defines what happened at the Boston Marathon bombing. Whether Tsarnaev is found guilty for the bombing at the Boston Marathon, remains to be unseen, though the case should be coming to an end soon.

By Crystal Boulware


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