Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Jackman Drink a Few on ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday, March 5, 2015, Hugh Jackman from the science fiction movie Chappie was one of Fallon’s guests. Later in the episode, Jackman and host Jimmy Fallon drank a few when they played Musical Beers with some very special guests, including Bobby Moynihan, Questlove, Kate McKinnon, Colin Jost and Chris Hemsworth. The second guest of the Tonight Show was actress Tiffani Thiessen, who stars in the show Dinner at Tiffani’s. The musical artist, Hozier, was also an awesome addition to the show.

Jimmy Fallon started off the show with his always funny monologue, cracking witticisms about topics torn from today’s headlines. For example, Jimmy Fallon joked about the snow, and then he talked about the Supreme Court listening to arguments about whether ObamaCare is “unconstitutional.” Or, as Jimmy Fallon said that most people call it, “Thanksgiving dinner.”

Jimmy Fallon mentioned Hillary Clinton’s remark during a speech asking “Wouldn’t you like to see a woman President?” He joked that Biden said he might “have to pull a Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Jimmy Fallon joked about airlines in the U.S., which now will have fewer seats but will  charge more money. Then, a high-speaking conspiracy theorist in the audience rose up to question what Fallon was saying. The guy in the audience was trying to talk about his various conspiracy theories, while Jimmy Fallon kept asking about a raccoon the guy had said bit off a delicate part of his anatomy.

The house band, The Roots, played Jimmy Fallon to his desk, where he mentioned tonight’s guests like Hugh Jackman from Chappie, who will also play Musical Beers with him and some surprise guests. His guest, Tiffani Theissen, is on the Cooking Channel with a cooking series called Dinner at Tiffani’s. She was also in Fallon’s recent Saved By The Bell reunion skit. Later on, Hozier was the musical guest.

Jimmy Fallon introduced his weekly hashtag comedy segment. He had started the hashtag #SpringBreakRaps. He shared some of the tweets, but they are not included here. Hearing them sung is what really helped add humor to the bit. Some of them were pretty funny.

Jimmy Fallon

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hugh Jackman!” Jimmy Fallon said. “You’re here; that’s all we want,” he added.

Fallon asked Jackman if he was “a cigar afficionado.” Jackman said “If smoking one a year counts.” He did say that his dad was one, and he occasionally liked smoking a good cigar. Jackman said he had even flown to Cuba and bought some cigars there.

Jimmy Fallon related how he had bonded with his dad, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar, by smoking cigars. He said that he had licked the cigar, though, and Arnold had told him “Stop licking the cigar!”

Hugh Jackman had also been in District 9, by the same director as the guy who directs Chappie. He stars with actress Sigourney Weaver in Chappie. Jimmy Fallon showed a couple of photos of Hugh Jackman, one in black-and-white when he had a mullet. Jackman said that his hair “also had blond tips,” and his wife had not liked it at all.

Then, Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Jackman each put on crazy-looking wigs, complete with mullets. “Cute girls, what do you think — yes or no?” Hugh Jackman asked. The females in the audience screamed their approval of their new looks.

Fallon said “I look like a contest winner or something.” He said that “It’s the first time that a robot has AI and acts like a human.” He showed a clip from Chappie, and if the clip is any indication of what the rest of the movie will be like, it should be an action-packed blockbuster.

When the Tonight Show came back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon, Hugh Jackman, and the show’s surprise guests, mentioned above, played Musical Beers. Fallon and Jackman still wore their wigs as they played. Besides the three cast members of Saturday Night Live, the host of this week’s SNL, Chris Hemsworth, also played the game.

Everybody had to grab a cup of beer after the music stopped and drink it, and if a person was not able to get a cup, he or she would be eliminated. Kate McKinnon was the first to go. The Roots played Bang Bang. Jimmy Fallon ended up winning the game of Musical Beers.

Jimmy Fallon

Upon returning from the next commercial break, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, introduced the show’s second guest, actress Tiffani Thiessen. Tiffani wore a black dress and sported a baby bump. “This will be number two?” Jimmy Fallon asked. Tiffani told him “Yes,” and that her daughter was four-and-a-half. Her daughter said that the new baby should be named “Spider-Man,” if he was a boy.

Tiffani said that in the Saved By the Bell skit they had done, even the locker numbers had the same numbers as they did on the original show. The video had been watched by 40 million viewers on YouTube.

Jimmy Fallon told her “I love your new show!” He said that he “loved cooking shows,” and he had several cookbooks.

“Sometimes, it’s all about rhythm, and timing — and a lot of alcohol,” Tiffani told him.

“Then, I am a cook,” Jimmy Fallon replied.

Tiffani mentioned to host Jimmy Fallon that she had learned how to make several kinds of cocktails, and she brought Fallon “Crunchy Peanut Butter Bites.” She said she had brought enough for all of the members of The Roots, and also enough for the studio audience. Fallon said that Hozier will be performing next, as the Tonight Show headed to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from the break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the show’s musical guest, Hozier. Hozier performed the new song Work Song. Hozier was great, and brilliant song Work Song just might be another big hit, like Take Me to Church has become.

After the Tonight Show came back from the last commercial break of the episode, Jimmy Fallon thanked all of his guests and another great Thursday night episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon concluded. Fallon’s guests, Hugh Jackman and Tiffani Thiessen, were very entertaining, and the game of Musical Beers was one of the episode’s highlights. Hozier capped the night off with the performance of the cool song, Work Song.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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