Boxing Match Between Mayweather and Pacquiao Fight of the Century?

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Whether it was when Joe Louis defeated the evil German, Max Schmeling, at Yankee stadium, or when Ali and Frazier duked it out in Madison Square Garden, and then again in Manila, boxing has the ability to bring the world together, and a mega fight truly stands the test of time. Now, starring in the boxing match that is six long years in the making, the world-renowned, undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather, and welterweight titlist, Manny Pacquiao, will finally meet in the ring. Many analysts have projected huge numbers, and if these projections hold true, this will be the richest fight in the history of boxing.

The staging of this boxing match has been up in air for years, and many view this match between two world-class athletes as long overdue. Many former and current fighters and trainers believe that both fighters are a few years past their primes and feel that it will not even be the fight of herculean proportions it could have been a few years ago. With Mayweather still undefeated, though showing signs of aging and losing his prime time quickness, and Pacquiao enduring two heart-breaking losses in his past six fights, many boxing fans think this fight will never live up to the hype it had years before. Even though this is true, some sports analysts claim that this boxing match may set a record as one of the most watched sporting events in recent years.

For the past 10 years, both Pacquiao and Mayweather have been atop the “Pound 4 Pound” rankings, and have both have held titles in the lightweight and welterweight divisions. Even though this still holds true today, for years Pacquiao and Mayweather have been considered two of the top athletes in the sport. When this boxing match was first conceived and present over six long years ago, many viewed this fight as an even match between two legendary athletes in their prime. Some some that this fight now presents itself like the De Niro and Pacino movie Grudge Match, where the two play former boxing champions who face each other in the ring as senior citizens.

Nonetheless, even if both fighters are over the hill, aging world champions, the world will stop and everyone will tune in to witness what could be one of the greatest fights in history. The hype building up to this fight has been cultivating for over six years, and the boxing community and media is thirsty for a fight like has never been seen before.

Although Mayweather and Pacquiao are past their primes, this fight may still have the potential to go down in the record books as one of the greats. Though the strong-swinging Mayweather has an edge over Pacquiao, according to Las Vegas odds, no one is counting out the quick-punching Filipino boxing great. Although both fighters are near the tail end of their great, heavily-awarded careers, this fight is projected to break financial records. Regardless of the outcome, the question of who would have won six, five, or even two years ago will always linger in the minds of many.

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