Broken Hearts Will Heal and Love Again, Says Study



A recent research study conducted at Saint Louis University has shown that human beings have acquired by genetic inheritance, the capability of falling out of love, being heartbroken, and then moving onto new relationships by falling in love again. According to associate professor Brian Boutwell, the human brain has tendencies which rely on the process of natural selection. This helps them when they are grief-stricken to overcome tragedies and turbulent times.

Boutwell suggests that the pain felt by human beings during times of heart-break recedes with time. There will always be something that gives human beings hope for the future after a long and difficult period. He along with other professors at the university, made a detailed inspection of the series of emotions felt by human beings and behavioral changes in them when they fell out of love, broke up, and then moved on to another romantic relationship. They discovered that women and men may choose to end their relationships for completely different reasons. For example, a man would choose to break-up in case his partner commits adultery and has a sexual relationship with another man.

loveThe authors mentioned in their report that due to evolution, men are tuned to not look after the upbringing of children that are not biologically their own. They wrote that men are especially acute regarding sexual loyalty of their partner. However, Boutwell said that it does not mean that women do not feel resentful or jealous.

Women on the other hand would be more likely to end their relationship if their partner is emotionally adulterous. This could also be due to evolutionary causes. Over tens of thousands of years of evolution, the process of natural selection has outlined expulsion of their mates by females to protect their resources. This could pertain to resources used for the upbringing of her children and the protection that her partner provides them.

However, the study does suggest that men and women could choose to pull out of a relationship for the exact same reasons too. One example of this could be seen when a partner is inhuman or downright cruel. Additionally, some people may face a harder time moving on in their lives or feel more often that they have grown apart from their companions. A person’s capability in breaking up from their current partners and finding a new partner or lover lies along the idea of continuation, which is affected by genetic and environmental factors.

loveThe study about broken hearts which says that it would heal and start loving again involved brain imaging of women and men who are in love. This gave evidence about how one deals with heart-break. MRI scan showed that the same area of the brain saw increased neuronal activity that gets stimulated by cocaine use. Boutwell further stressed that a cocaine addict being forced to quit his or her habit could spur the same kind of emotions felt when one falls out of love. It could be said that making an effort to get away from the habit of using drugs could be similar in many ways as trying to move on after a break-up.

He however said that a lot more research was required in the field of lost love to figure out the hardships that affect a romantic relationship. He concluded that if researchers could comprehend the complex dynamics of mate ejection, it would provide a more actionable acumen about the ways that couples could salvage a relationship that might be headed towards a break-up. The study does say that broken hearts would heal with time and start loving again.

By Ankur Sinha

The Times Of India

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