Chris Brown Is A “Hell of a Guy”?



There are those that argue Chris Brown is a “Hell of a Guy”. Since his break onto the music scene in 2005 following his signing on with Jive Records the year before, the singer has been making headlines. If he wasn’t in the news for being only sixteen when he first recorded an album, Brown was featured for his more controversial life choices. One could say that he gives Lindsey Lohan a run for her money in the “what will they do next” department, good or bad.

A little over five years ago, Chris Brown began making headlines for his actions in his personal life. Being accused of beating up his then girlfriend, recording artist Rihanna, didn’t exactly make Brown a household name. With the hospitalization of Rihanna and pictures released to the press showing her facial damage, things were not looking good. Chris Brown was placed on five years probation, and had a five year restraining order put in place between himself and Rihanna. He compared Rihanna and himself to be a modern Romeo and Juliet, with the media being the two households keeping them apart. Speaking with Larry King with his mother at his side, Brown stated “It was sort of like I was Romeo and Rihanna was Juliet in the old Shakespeare play, the court system, along with our management teams and friends wanted to keep us separate as the two families did.”

As time went on, the controversy surrounding Chris Brown did not cease. In January of 2013, Rihanna broke the news that she and Brown were romantically involved once again, despite the restraining order. After pronouncing their rekindled love for one another, Rihanna defends her lover by saying that “He is not a monster like everybody thinks he is. He is a good person. Chris has a big heart and  he is giving and loving, plus he is a fun guy to be around.” Despite this, the couple mysteriously broke up only 4 months later in May; leaving critics with unconfirmed assumptions.

In the summer of 2014, Brown was busy being a “bad boy in the club” along with Drake and his pals. After a fight in the NY nightclub WIP, both groups fought with a total of eight bodies in the melee. Multiple tourists were injured and Professional San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker ended up in the hospital; he had shards of broken glass removed from his eye.

Chris brown has had quote a few roles in movies throughout the years like many singers turned actors. Many of which portray him as the younger brother, or the struggling youth trying to make good. Chris brown could go the route of rehab again, as people sometimes have to do in the course of their life, everyone has their up’s and down’s. However, apart from having PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesting against him for “fur crimes”; He’s been in the news again as of late for the acknowledgement of a child fathered by him. Then in January had his probation revoked by a Superior (felony) Court Judge, The Honorable James R. Brandlin. Brown’s probation officer has says that “Though he has shown the ability to be compliant during long stretches of his probation grant, Mr. Brown continues to display negative decisions that are counterproductive in his ability to be successful on probation. There is also concern that when he performs or attends at various public events, people sometimes get shot or seriously injured.”

This from a probation report last year when Brown was possibly involved with another shooting in a busy night club. With this newest alleged incident at a Son Jose night club, and a previous revocation of probation after being charged with a Hit and Run; some wonder if this is a preview of what is to come in the young man’s life. It is because of these reasons that some question whether or not Chris Brown is the misunderstood caring person displayed in his films, but time shall tell.

By Benjamin Johnson

The Huffington Post

The Sydney Morning Herald

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