Community Alert Serious Personal Injury Hit and Run Accident


About This Crime
On March 6, 2015, at 05:06 A.M., a motorist was seriously injured, while travelling south on Wentworth Avenue at 47th Street, when she was struck by a Silver Blue Semi-Truck with No Trailer Attached at the intersection of 47th and Wentworth Ave. The wanted vehicle was traveling west on 47th Street just prior to the hit/run incident and then continued north on Wentworth Ave, going the wrong direction on a one way street before turning off onto Swann Street heading west.

About The Offender
The wanted vehicle was captured on surveillance video just seconds before the crash and is pictured above. It is a Silver Blue Semi-Truck with No Trailer Attached and has identifiers located on the doors of the driver and passenger side. The wanted vehicle was last seen heading north on Wentworth and before turning west onto Swann Street. The wanted vehicle will have possible damage to the passenger
side and rear of vehicle.

If you, or anyone you know, have any information about this incident or vehicle, please call the Major Accident Investigation Unit at (312) 745-4521.
Reference: RD# HY-148843