Bombings in Bangladesh Nearly Shake Sheikh Hasina Convoy

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s motorcade was nearly shaken today when multiple bombs were detonated in a bustling commercial area just after her motorcade passed through the area. Several makeshift bombs were detonated in the Karwan Bazar in the city of Dhaka. This occurred just 10 following the convoy’s passing through the town.

Hasina was traveling to speak at a rally organized by the Awami League, the ruling political party in Bangladesh, in Suhrawardy Udyan. This event is set to commemorate the anniversary of the past public speech made by the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibar Rahman in 1971.

A law enforcement officer had minor injuries during the bomb explosions. No other injuries have been reported.

Bombings have become common in Bangladesh in the past few months, with over 100 people killed since the start of 2015. Scores more have been hurt and shaken as a result of bombings and other attacks. Some in the country believe the bombings are a result of BNP-led strikes against the government.

By Alex Lemieux


IBN Live

Photo by Asia Society – Flickr License