Curt Schilling Strikes Out Trolls

SchillingCurt Schilling is best known for his role as major league pitcher.  His skills on the mound help the Philadelphia Phillies reach the World Series in 1993 and won World Series championships in 2001 with the Arizona Diamondbacks and in 2004 and 2007 with the Boston Red Sox.   His mental and physical toughness had Schilling retiring with a career postseason record of 11–2 and impressing fans On October 19, 2004, Schilling won Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees with an ankle injury that is infamously referred to as the bloody sock game.

Off the field, Schilling’s charitable donations and support of care for ALS earned him the Roberto Clemente Award in 2001, and his weekly radio show raises over $100,000 a year for ALS patients and research.

Whether you are a fan of Schilling’s or not his impressive baseball career cannot be denied.  With six All-Star games, three World Series Championship wins, a National League and a World Series MVP win under his belt, he was clearly a tremendous athlete, and his most recent battle against trolls proves that his strike out skills work off the field too.

Schilling is well-known for his outspoken tendencies.  He has had numerous conflicts with players, management and the press.  He is actively involved in politics, particularly campaigning for Republican candidates George W. Bush and John McCain.

In 2006 Schilling created Green Monster Games which released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in February 2012.  He laid his entire staff off three months later due to financial issues.  In 2010, Schilling began his career in broadcast television as an analyst on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

Schilling was diagnosed with cancer in February 2014.  He announced that he was in remission from his battle with oral cancer, a result of using smokeless tobacco for 30 years.

As his career has been rewarding, his battle with cancer frightening, the controversies resulting from his outspokenness challenging, his charity work fulfilling, perhaps his roles as husband and father are the most important and treasured.  This was demonstrated when Schilling proudly tweeted a congratulatory message for his daughter, who earned a scholarship to a small school in New Jersey.  The reprehensible response to his tweet put Schilling in full protective parent mode.  The hateful and disgusting messages aimed at his teenage daughter had Schilling respond in his own manner.

Schilling’s reaction was pointedly more profound than the attack.  He used his analytic skills and fatherly instinct to find out who the identities of the offending tweeters and publicly exposed them.  Schilling says two people have already been fired from jobs as a result of their tweets and his subsequent investigation; one is a disc jockey at a local community college in New Jersey and the other was a part-time ticket seller for the New York Yankees.

Cyber-bullying is nothing new, and many parents never know when it is happening to their children.  In Schilling’s case, the vicious and graphic words directed at his daughter were sent to him, and he was able to see that some – if not all – of the offenders were punished for their vile words.  This situation was not just another strike out for Schilling; it was the perfect game.

By Jennifer Barclay


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