Daycare Sued After Using Thumb Tacks for Discipline

DaycareA California daycare is being sued for abuse which occurred as early as 2013. The civil suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and named two instructors and Little Scholars Inc. The teachers involved in the abuse were fired from the Tutor Time franchise after management learned of the events, but the daycare did not notify parents of their actions.

The lawsuit has accused the operators of the center and instructors, Jessica Morales and Rosa Nepomuseno, of negligence, assault and battery, failure to report abuse, breach of contract along with other things. Four parents filed the lawsuit stating their children suffered cruel and unusual abuse at the center. According to these parents, if a child did not follow directions or was not attentive the instructors would stick a thumb tack into their legs for disciplinary measures.

The Department of Social Services sent caseworkers to visit the daycare last May. While there they uncovered proof that serious violations had indeed taken place at the center. The investigation led to three of the workers being fired; two for inflicting abuse and one for witnessing the action, but not reporting it. According to an ex-employee of the center, the classroom was overcrowded leaving two instructors with the responsibility of watching nearly two dozen two-year-olds.

One person, after learning of the incidents, said it makes her blood boil. She cannot imagine what these children had to go through dealing with these sick and twisted “so-called” teachers. She added:

That is in addition to the psychological effects on them. They are not teachers; in fact, they are Satan from Hell. No teacher would do this to little children no matter how bad they are and suing them is not enough to compensate the damage they have done to these children. If I were one of the children’s Daycareparents, I think I would be in prison and they would have the punishment that they deserve.

Another woman who has a child in a different daycare center said:

There are probably just as many bad parents as there are bad daycare centers and I think both are in the minority. Many parents, daycare facilities and teachers great. The few bad ones make the news. My son is in daycare and he is doing great. There are three teachers to nine children and his main teacher will migrate along with him as he grows and goes from class to class. We only have one child so it is precious that he is learning to socialize with other children.

According to attorney Robert Clayton, each time one of the teachers would see their victims interacting with other staff members at the daycare center she would direct their attention to her pocket which held the thumb tacks in order to intimidate them. Clayton said the children get scared every time they see a sharp object and their parents want to ensure this never happens to any other children.

Many parents cannot imagine someone hurting their child on purpose, but it is a sad reality that millions of children deal with on a daily basis. There are certain signs that parents can lookout for if they are suspicious. It is always important to report any abuse immediately in order to protect the child from further mistreatment.

Spokeswoman for Tutor Time, Lydia Cisaruk, wrote in an email that the company acquired the center named in the lawsuit last August from its franchise operator. The matter was addressed by the franchise owner prior to the acquisition and was not at all related. Cisaruk also stated that staffing changes were already instituted before the school came under corporate ownership.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Daily Mail

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