‘Helix’: ‘Ectogenesis’ [Recap & Review]



Helix last week saw the death of the cult leader, Michael, in the future, when Dr. Julia Walker freed him from his tomb in the pit, or oubliette, and Caleb later whacked Michael’s head off with the sword that Julia’s dad had given her before he died. Also, with Michael gone, Anne and Amy both wanted control over the Abbey and the surviving cult members, and Helix ended with Amy threatening to kill Sarah’s baby, which she had in a sort of artificial womb within a large glass container, unless Sarah granted her immortality.

The Helix episode, Ectogenesis, began with a woman, Carol, cooking food for her husband, Kelly Bickerson, and serving it to him, She asked him “How does it feel?” as he ate the food, which he stated tasted like excrement. He started to choke and his bowl of stew spilled on the floor. An eyeball had been in it.


On Helix, Alan Farragut talked with a woman, Dr.Doreen, during a dream he had in the morning in a forested area of the island of St. Germain. She told Alan he seemed “to be a man is search of a mission.” Kyle told him to “Wake up.”

In the Abbey on Helix, Sister Ann told the remaining community members that “We will prevail.” Sister Ann tried to convince them that the CDC scientists were there to help them.

However, Sister Amy entered and said “Lies and more lies!” She told the people that “The old ways are dead.” She said that the CDC scientists and Sister Ann “misled them,” and she told the cult members “Come! Join me!” They do, more willing to believe her than Anne.

On Helix, after the meeting, Peter called “Anne! Anne!” He told Anne she did not have to apologize for Amy. Anne said “Two days ago you yelled at me.”

“Anne, I’m sorry,” Peter said.

“No, the point is I yelled back,” she replied. “I felt safe with you.”

“What are you going to do?” Peter asked.

“I’m not going down without a fight,” Anne replied.

On Helix, Peter checked his cell phone and said “They’re already here, here on the island.”

“Who is?” Anne asked.

“The answer to our problem,” Peter replied mysteriously.

Sergio Balleseros and Dr. Julia Walker, in the present on Helix, searched for Michael on St. Germain, to get his secret method to make male humans sterile. “I don’t want to use force unless it’s absolutely necessary,” Julia told Sergio.

Sergio told her “It might be.”


Meanwhile back with Sarah and Amy on Helix, Sarah tried to get her baby back from Amy. She said that she had never tried doing the procedure to make a person immortal.

“How long do you think the child could live outside of the jar? A minute? Two?” Amy asked Sarah. Sarah did not want to grant Crazy Amy immortality, but she wanted to save her fetus.

Elsewhere on the island of St. Germain on Helix, Alan, Kyle, and the Navy team came across one of the Navy rescue team the CDC had sent strung up by his heels in the trees, and with his eyes missing.

Sister Amy said that Michael “devised a artificial neutral womb. You see, he could only use the jar for a baby who never grew, who was frozen in its development. You might say, Immortal.”

On Helix, Sarah told her that the procedure could be a dangerous one. Amy said “Make me immortal, and you will get your child back. So, do we have a deal?”

Sarah nodded her head. However, Sarah said she could not do a spinal tap on herself. Amy said “I want immortality today!”

Sarah told her on Helix that it might leave her paralyzed unless Alan or Peter did it. Amy would not agree to wait any longer.

At the wooden doors of the Abbey on Helix, Julia and Sergio knocked. They asked where Michael was, and Peter said he had gone missing. “Who’s in charge?” Jules asked. Anne said that she was.

Alan said something they saw “might be a trail marker.” Kyle said “There are crazies out here.”

The boy, Soren, who had recovered from the virus earlier this season on Helix, showed up and told Dr. Kyle Sommers that he was “Sorry.”

Soren had his eyes wrapped up in a headband. “For what?” Kyle asked asked. Kyle was then clubbed and dragged off through the forest as Helix went to another commercial break.

When Helix came back on, Julia asked Anne if she “was aware of the Ilaria Coproration?” Anne answered that she was not.

Julia demanded that Anne give her the “biotech” to save the lives of millions of humans around the planet. Anne said “Your man is prepared to shoot me if a refuse. Is that right?”

Peter said “It’s in a safe place.”

On Helix, Julia said that he was lying. Peter said he would help, in return for Ilaria granting him immunity, and also for nine figures, $100 million.

Then, on Helix, Amy attempted to do a spinal tap. Sarah tried to tell Amy what to do, but said that if she put the needle in the wrong place, it could paralyze her.


Kyle woke up to find himself trapped in somebody’s home. Carol had cooked food for Kyle and said “The eyes are the best part.”

Kelly came in and said “What are you doing?” Kelly sat down and ate the food, crunching on a human eyeball.

The Navy team said “We’re going back to the Abbey.” Alan said “No, we’re not going back without him. We keep searching.” Alan walked right into a trip wire, that sent a wooden log flying down towards him. Helix headed to yet another commercial break.

Back on Helix, Dr. Doreen showed up again. She asked Alan if he had “figured it out yet.”

“What is it about this Kyle that has got you so hot under the collar?” she asked Alan. Alan told Doreen “He’s young, he’s reckless, but he’s not just going through the motions.” She told him “You might want to take of that head wound.”

“What head wound?” he asked. On Helix, Winger woke him up and he said something about “They’re closer than you might think.”


On Helix, Amy asked Sarah what she should do next. Sarah said the fluid would need to be injected into Amy’s spine. Amy said she did not trust her. Landry volunteered to have it done to him first.

“Try it on him first,” Amy demanded.

Sarah said “That wasn’t a part of the deal.”

“It is now,” Amy said, “if you ever want to see your child alive again.”

Soren appeared in the Bickerson house on Helix and told Kyle he was sorry for tricking him. He had something that they ate from “from the Bleeding Tree” stopped them from getting the virus. Kyle asked Soren if he knew where the Bickersons got their food. He said “Yeah, they trap and eat people.”

Back at the Abbey on Helix, Landry was injected. Landry said “I don’t feel any different.”

“Help me, hold him down!” Sarah said on Helix. Amy did not help, and Landry went into violent convulsions. Amy locked Sarah and Landry in, and went after Sarah’s baby. Then, Helix went to yet another commercial break.

Helix came back from the break with Jules splitting an apple and seeing that there were not any seeds inside. “We need seeds,” Jules said. Ann said that the tree they used to graft onto the other trees, which she called Mother, grew the apples.

Dr. Julia Walker said “I’d like to see it.”

“Sometimes,” Carol said on Helix, “he lets the rabbits run just so he can have a good chase. He says it tenderizes the meat. Trouble is, he then eats the eyes for himself.”

On Helix, Kyle told her that Kelly had spoken to him, and he said that “Kelly swore me to secrecy.”

“What’d he say? You can trust me,” she said.

“Alright, but you have to promise not to say anything,” Kyle told her on Helix, trying to trick her. “He wants both of my eyes for himself.”


On Helix, when Anne went to where Mother was supposed to be, someone had taken it. Anne said “She’s gone! Mother’s gone!”

Back in the house on Helix, Kelly came in, and Kyle said that “Carol wants my eyes all to herself.” Kyle convinced Kelly and then he finally managed to free himself. Kyle grabbed up a jar of the honey and left.

“Quick, woman! The meat’s gone!” Kelly yelled out. As he was being chased, Kyle paused and drank the honey down. Helix went to another break.

When Helix returned from the final commercial break of the episode, Kyle was still in the forest. Kelly caught him, and said “Hello, rabbit.”

Kyle said “I ate all of it. Now, I’m sick, like you.”

“You just ruined my meal,” Kelly said. “Do you think that you’re safe?”

The Navy officer, Winger, shot Kelly just as he was about to kill Kyle. Kyle told Alan “We better find that tree within two days or I’m a dead man.”

That was the end of the Helix episode, Ectogenesis. Jules and Sergio made it to St. Germain in the present, but someone had stolen the plant they needed, Mother. Amy convinced Sarah to give her immortality, or Amy said she would kill Sarah’s fetus. Dr. Kyle reunited with Soren, and almost paid for it by losing his eyes and maybe his life. In other words, it was another “normal” meaning very messed up, but cool, episode of Helix tonight.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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