Myanmar Ferry Sinks


A ferry off the coast of Myanmar carrying over 200 passengers has sunk, reports say. Thus far the death toll is between 20 and 50, with many passengers still unaccounted for. The Aung Takon ferry was traveling from Kyaukphyu to Sittwe when it sunk earlier in the evening. A local merchant who wishes to remain anonymous says that typically there are considerably more passengers on the ferry than there are tickets sold, and that, “the number of missing passengers has got to be 27 many times over.”

A Ministry of Transport official claims that the Myanmar ferry went over due to monster waves crashing against the ferry. The official stated that though many of the 200 documented passengers had been saved, those that are still missing can be assumed dead. In Myanmar, aquatic incidents like this are common, due to very old, small boats being used to transport considerably more people than they are meant to hold. The Government official did not comment on the possible overcrowding of the government owned ferry that crashed this evening in Myanmar.

By Benjamin Johnson



The Straits Times

Photo By Dennis Jarvis – flickr license

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