Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren Must Run for President


Many believe Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is a good candidate to run against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, due to her dedicated task and willingness of fixing America’s income inequality. With many goals already in place, Warren says she does not want to run for president, yet an editorial published by the Boston Globe urges Warren to run for the presidency.

Warren’s liberal attitude destroys any chance she will have to represent her ideas as a Senate because Republicans are in control of the Senate House. Republicans being in command of the legislation, forces the Democratic party to have a slim chance of getting anything passed that will make a difference for anybody that is not wealthy.

Warren must run for president because she is the only one that is determined to fix the following issues: declining middle class, income inequality, and the lack of a practical government. Running for president will grant her a better chance to pursue her goals.

She is able to convince crowds to support her ideal changes. She is also supported by the democratic voters for her impending plans as well.

Unlike the other Democratic candidates running for presidency, Warren is the only one that can run against Clinton. In many interviews Warren has made her concerned thoughts about the Clinton’s known. If Clinton wins and begins to bow down to big corporations, or not doing anything about their policies, Warren would be torn apart.

Warren will not lose anything if she ran for president because all of her ideas and impending plans are what the citizens of the U.S. need. She is smart and has already met solutions to complete her course of action. If she gets in the White House her plans will sail smoothly into the financial change that America needs.

In consideration, Warren not having plans addressing the issues for gun-control, climate change, and civil rights might be a reason why the Senate is refusing to run for office. Warren must understand that the plans are small sub divisions of the big problem she is already working on, because they all have a lack of money problems that she can easily solve. Once Warren runs for president those ideas will begin to manifest since her main goal would be accomplished.

Although the election is around the corner and many candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties have began to prepare for their electoral run, Warren still has time. She can address the other issues that need to be handled and not worry about the stress that comes with running for the election such as hiring staff, building campaign operations, and raising money.

Since she already has a sustainable support group that is encouraging her to run for president. Democrat Elizabeth Warren must run for president, even if she waits until the last minute to decide, she has the capability to win because most of the Democratic Party is already on her side. She must continue to release her potential to fix income inequality to get the benefit of seeing the change she was able to make not just for herself but for her country.

Opinion by Krystle Mitchell


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Photo By: Edward Kimmel – Flickr License


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